Labour has a long and proud history of tackling race equality and improving BAME representation. Race Equality Labour Consultation 2020

Labour has a long and proud history of tackling race equality and improving  BAME representation.

Labour has a long and proud history of tackling race equality and improving BAME representation. Race Equality Labour Consultation 2020

As a nation, we have made huge steps forward in the past fifty years in tackling issues around racism in society and discrimination against individuals from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds. While progress has been made, these issues have still not been fully resolved and BAME communities continue to face discrimination and disadvantage.

Labour has a long and proud history of tackling race equality and improving BAME representation. Whether with the Race Relations Act in 1965, the 2010 Equality Act, or the seminal inquiry into institutional police racism following the murder of Stephen Lawrence, Labour leads the way in promoting and advocating race equality. Angela Rayner MP, the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities will be leading on race equality within the Shadow Cabinet.

However, more work needs to be done to tackle structural issues affecting BAME communities – in relation to health and social care, housing, education, stop and search, business, employment, the arts, and civic and public life. It is also important to acknowledge the achievements and aspirations of our multicultural society in working towards a fair and just Britain for all.

That is why, alongside our support for BAME Labour, BAME Young Labour, professional networks, trade union Black workers groups, grassroots organisations, and the various Labour Friends groups, we have established a Race Equality Advisory Group to help shape and recommend a new race equality strategy as part of our future policy development.
The consultation will inform the Labour Party’s policy-making process. We want to build on the BAME Manifesto which we launched for the 2015 General Election and to spend the coming months in dialogue with a range of organisations and individuals to establish coherent and respected policies and solutions for tackling race inequality.

In the aftermath of the EU referendum there has been a sharp rise in intolerance and hostility towards EU nationals and members of the BAME community. The consultation is an opportunity for us to formulate policy that will protect and enhance race equality legislation.

Work of the Race Equality Advisory Group

The best way to make policy is to draw on the diverse experience and expertise of those it will impact the most. To help us achieve this, we have recently formed a Race Equality Advisory Group who will help us diversify our policy making process in relation to race equality. Established in February 2016, the group consists of experts in race equality, policy development and campaigning, as well as community activists. It will make suggestion to the Labour Party’s Shadow Minister for Women

and Equalities on the formulation of a race equality strategy based on academic research, policy reports, and professional experience and insights. It will give a diverse perspective on the current situation and policy direction around race equality and to engage BAME communities in sharing experiences and shaping policy.

The group will meet at various times throughout the year to stimulate and oversee the development of policy ideas and learning. It holds consultation events to promote discussion and debate on the changing nature of race inequalities and social justice and on the changes and solutions needed.

Membership of Advisory Group

The advisory group comprises of experts, stakeholders and activists who are passionate about diversity and racial equality. The chair of the group is Patrick Vernon MBE who is a health expert and experienced campaigner with a background in equality and diversity.

Policy Questions

The Advisory Group and the Shadow Minister are keen to engage with a range of stakeholders and communities. To complement our nationwide discussion events we invite comments online in response to the following questions. Your answers will help shape our work programme, policy and priorities.

1. What would you identify as the key issues and themes around race equality that need to be addressed over the next five to ten years?
2. What are the top three policy measures/actions you would like to see to promote race equality?
3. What is the best way to ensure race equality is given full consideration in the policy development process and manifesto development of the Labour Party?
4. What action should be taken to help eliminate race discrimination in the United Kingdom?
5. What action should be taken to protect race equality legislation now that the UK has decided to leave the European Union?

Dialogue and Engagement Events and Meetings

The Race Equality Advisory Group and Shadow Equalities Minister, Angela Rayner MP are keen to engage with a wide range of people and we would welcome events and discussion groups to help facilitate this. Please contact us if you would like more details about upcoming events in your area or if you are interested in hosting an event on race equality.

Contact: Huma Haq- Political Advisor to Angela Rayner MP- Women and Equalities.
Social media: #RaceEquality2020

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  5 March 2020

MCB submits new dossier of Conservative Islamophobia to EHRC, with evidence of over 300 individuals

Today, the Muslim Council of Britain has renewed its call to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to investigate the Conservative Party over allegations of Islamophobia.

The MCB’s call comes with an updated dossier of incidents involving over 300 individuals, including councillors and party members, new MPs and even Number 10 special advisers, including Dominic Cummings and Andrew Sabisky.

Read the MCB’s full letter to the EHRC.

Since becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has made a number of strong statements against Islamophobia and against the tolerance of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party. He has claimed the Party has a “zero tolerance approach… we have one bounce and we deal with it approach to this.” The Party has also separately confirmed anti-Islam comments “have no place in society”. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case, with scores of incidents showing a pattern of behaviour ignoring complaints of Islamophobia and allowing those found to have engaged in Islamophobia to retain their membership, and often, their elected positions.

The Muslim Council of Britain first reported the Conservative Party to the EHRC in May 2019. It provided evidence of Islamophobia and anti-Islam remarks from 150 Party members. The EHRC has thus far failed to respond to the Muslim Council of Britain and has given no indication as to whether it intends to investigate.

With a number of candidates during the election found to have made Islamophobic remarks, and the Conservative Party reneging on its promise to hold an independent inquiry into Islamophobia, this request has been resubmitted, expanding on the case originally submitted with fresh evidence some of which has never been covered publicly, including:

Dominic Cummings, Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister, had overall responsibility for The Spectator website when a controversial cartoon of Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban was posted, with a caption feeding into the false, far-right, Islamophobic trope about a Muslim ‘takeover’.
Andrew Sabisky, former Adviser to the Prime Minister, questioned in a book review whether a growing Muslim population could be countered with violent resistance, using a discredited statistic.
Andrew James Tagg, former Calderdale Councillor, called for “unconditional surrender” by Muslims, labelling Muslims as “brutes who beat kill and main young women”.
Thor Halland, Chairman of Leyton and Wanstead Conservative Association, called for Muslims to be banned.
Sandy Lancaster, a party member, called for Muslims to be thrown from bridges and Lisa Gilfillan Johnston, also a party member, called for Muslims to be forcibly sterilised.
The submission contains further details of 16 MPs, one MEP, nine Prospective Parliamentary Candidates, 103 councillors, former councillors and former mayors, 183 party members and five advisers to the Conservative Party or Government.

Of these nine Prospective Parliamentary Candidates, three have become MPs despite their behaviour and calls for them to resign ahead of the election:

Sally Ann Hart, MP for Hastings and Rye, shared a post by an anti-Islam activist which claimed the Women’s March against President Trump had been hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood to promote the “Muslim agenda”.
Anthony Browne, MP for South Cambridgeshire, questioned the loyalty of Muslims to Britain when responding to Muslim leaders’ concerns about the Iraq War.
Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln, retweeted Islamophobic and anti-Semitic posts by Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins.
The letter outlines a clear case made up of five key pillars against the Conservative Party: Islamophobia among MPs, an atmosphere of hostility against Muslim Party members, the scale of Islamophobia in the Party, the failure of the complaints process and the denial of Islamophobia. The complaints process is particularly problematic with its failure to uphold transparency. There are scores of cases where the Conservative Party has failed to reveal whether an individual has been suspended, had their membership revoked, or been readmitted into the Party, and similarly, the Party refuses to confirm how many cases of Islamophobia it is investigating at any time.

Concerns about the way in which the Conservative Party has thus far failed to take meaningful action on its problem of Islamophobia, and calls for the Conservative Party to be investigated over this have been made by a number of prominent Muslims in the Conservative Party, including Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, former co-chair of the Party, Lord Sheikh, founder of the Conservative Muslim Forum, and Sajjad Karim, former Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, who spoke about a senior serving minister having made Islamophobic comments about him.

Commenting, Harun Khan, Secretary General of the MCB said:

“Having furnished the Equality and Human Rights Commission with evidence of over 100 incidents of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party ten months ago, we find it extraordinary that the Commission has failed to give any response, let alone inform us and British Muslims as to whether action will be taken.

“Two years ago, we estimated that there were cases of Islamophobia being identified in the Party on a weekly basis. Now, with over 300 documented incidents, it appears our estimation was too low.

“There is no doubt that the Conservative Party has an Islamophobia crisis: it is institutional, systemic and widespread. The Party’s response has been one of denial, dismissal and deceit. This results in clear discrimination against Muslims because of their religion. Islamophobia is never acceptable, yet this dossier cites hundreds of individuals – including many in significant positions of power and influence – who have made horribly offensive comments about Muslims that would not be tolerated for any other section in our society.

“The EHRC has a duty to uphold the Equality Act, and this responsibility includes investigating where there are allegations of discrimination. The absence of meaningful action by the Conservative Party despite the wealth of evidence makes it all the more important that the EHRC recognises the impact of this level of Islamophobia in our governing party, and takes swift action.”


Conservative Party, Islamophobia

MCB Press Release

EHRC decision not to probe Islamophobia in the Conservative Party is Racist and Islamophobic

Open Letter to EHRC 15 May 2020 – EHRC decision not to probe Islamophobia in the Conservative Party is Racist and Islamophobic.


We, the undersigned, call on the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to reverse its decision and commit to probe Conservative Party Islamophobia.

The EHRC has failed the Muslim community by deciding not to formally investigate the Conservative Party over widespread and persistent allegations of Islamophobia.

The equalities watchdog said yesterday that a probe “would not be proportionate” because the Conservative Party had committed to carrying out its own investigation.

We note the glaring discrepancy between the EHRC’s treatment of the Labour Party over allegations of anti-Semitism and its latest decision.

Last year the EHRC launched a probe into Labour after receiving allegations that anti-Semitism was rife in the party. Now it refuses to offer the same treatment when widespread and credible allegations of Islamophobia are directed towards the Conservatives.

As it is the Party of government, Islamophobia in the Conservative Party stands to affect every single one of Britain’s three million Muslims.

By leaving a Party which has effectively fanned the flames of Islamophobia in Britain to police itself, the EHRC is failing in its duty to protect Britain’s Muslims.

Behaving selectively in its treatment of minorities opens the EHRC to credible charges that it is in itself an institutionally discriminatory organisation that cannot be trusted in its remit to enforce equality and non-discrimination law in the UK.

The EHRC should be our national guardian of human rights. By deciding not to investigate Islamophobia in the Conservative Party the EHRC demonstrates that it is reneging on that responsibility; behaving in an effectively racist and Islamophobic manner towards all Muslim communities; and calls into question the integrity and probity of its entire body of work on equalities and anti-discrimination matters in the UK. Non Muslim people with protected characteristics are rightly alarmed by this discrimination in handling matters and point to Martin Luther King’s observation that: *” Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere”*.

We urge the EHRC to reconsider its decision and to commit unequivocally to carry out the investigation into Islamophobia in the Conservative Party, that it was rightly called upon to undertake by the Muslim Council of Britain.

We have to work together to tackle the hatred and cruelty that you have been dating again

We have to work together to tackle the hatred and cruelty that you have been dating again, to retreat to trench and attract hatred and nervousness between nationalities, so that they do not explode in a devastating confrontation among peoples.

Today, as we celebrate the th anniversary of the treaty of Versailles and the end of the first world war, we wonder what happened to the right of peoples to self-determination, and not to seize the land of others by force? Rejection of these two principles may be one of the reasons why the sense of insecurity in the majority of the peoples of the region is enhanced.

This phrase was quoted by a Lebanese friend who was not able to, like most of the peoples of the mashreq Arab (in Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon) accept that stability for everyone at the expense of the instability of most peoples of the region It is peoples who are already bleeding as a result of these two principles (the right to self-determination, and the non-confiscation of the land of others by force), and they are all not members of the security council, whether permanent or expanded, but they are the peoples of this same region

We note that every deliberate “political” work of the members of the security council brings with it a well-calculated deterioration of all the people of the region, whether they are refugees or citizens. As former us President Woodrow Wilson says “Self-determination is not just a phrase; it is the principle of the duty of application”.

I remember a phone call in 1982 (when Jordan was the 1982th member of the expanded security council) between Mrs. Margaret Thatcher and my late brother, King Hussein, when I heard her talking about the need not to seize the land of others with strength, and the right of peoples In her destiny report. I asked her her day, ” Mrs. Prime Minister, why do the voices of the sheep bells in the falkland resonate higher than the bells of the churches in Jerusalem?”, it was her reply ” you know how it goes “.

People who are at my age must have at least a war in every decade. We have to work together to tackle the hatred and cruelty that you have been dating again, to retreat to trench and attract hatred and nervousness between nationalities, so that they do not explode in a devastating confrontation among peoples. I repeat what I said in 1981: ” it is all right for us to live in sovereign states, to enjoy security away from armed threats, and to live in peace with our neighbors, but that does not grant whatever the right to occupation And change the character of the region “.

If we are back in time one century, when the church bells rang in memory of the signing of the truce that ended the first world war, it is easy to lose hope and belief that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

However, we can not give up hope now, at least for those who do not vote for them, and for the generations to come. If we do so, we will be denied the possibility to analyse, in a creative way, what cannot be analysed, and perhaps the end of the application of the principle of non-seizure of the land of others, and the principle of the right of peoples to self-determination.

The Democratic Security of all peoples must be spoken, and it may be suggested that independent thinkers from us – or as we are pleased that half of ourselves – are the ones who must light the light inside the tunnel. This leads us to work under “track 2/11”, that is a path that is not pure government, and does not run pure civil diplomacy, only then we can begin to develop vision and insight on how to rid the mashreq of juggernaut Evil: evil is determined by actions and not by motives.


Probably Never in the History of Our Country a Political party was directly Responsible for so Many Deaths

Shocked & Saddened.

As walked towards Trafalgar Square. Come across this in The  Strand, Central London. Next to an  ATM Machine. Photo taken on 16th March  2019. Thousands of homeless people have died, during Tory Government tenancy in Number 10 Downing St.

“Nick  Such a kind and gentle man.  We hope you rest in peace. With love from the whole team  at The Adelphi Theatre”


Probably never in the history of our country a political party was directly responsible for so many deaths of its own people.  (“its own people” is a term that can be argued about!)


Bench/Homeless Deaths Must Stop.

About two week old flowers indicate a recent death.

Extend The World War Veterans and Their Families Citizenship. Give Them Well Deserved Access to Medical Treatment.

Mothers Do Not Abandon and Forget Fallen and Scarred Surviving Heroes. British Government Did!

African & Asian WW2 Veterans.

Scandalous those Asian and African soldiers were paid, as the evidence in the war related documents show far less than white soldiers.

Wed 13 Feb 2019 “Africans who fought for British army paid less than white soldiers”

Tories are Way over Due in Action.   No Aid/ Money Paid To The Day.

First announcement made in June 2018 by Secretary of State for International Development of the United Kingdom.

It is not enough. People who laid their lives defending The Queen and  country, totally forgetting and abandoning them to destitution is very harsh treatment of the none white soldiers. Where is Their Pension?

Where they compensated?

After the war at some point they should have enjoyed and spent in comfort their remaining years. But that was not the case, having won their war on the front fighting poverty was not what they were expecting after the war.

Time to Heal the Wounds.

Announcements come plenty from the Ministers / Politicians. Deeds are rare indeed.

Government must take a sincere look at the problems faced by the living veterans and families. Give them lump sums, not two weekly based meals.

Make amends, but Honestly.

Extend The World War Veterans and Their Families Citizenship. Give Them Well Deserved Access to Medical Treatment.

Remove the row

Column: 1

Recorded Earlier This Week.

“I am Samba Jallow, the son of Sabella Jallow, veteran of Royal West African Frontier Force. My father, and his family had never benefited from any fund that is meant for the veteran……and even if there is funds available for the veterans, we have no knowledge about it”

Column: 2

“My father and his friends, who served in the West African Frontier Force, were abandoned to destitution. They never have any access to medication or funds to take Care of their well beings.”

Continue reading “Extend The World War Veterans and Their Families Citizenship. Give Them Well Deserved Access to Medical Treatment.”

“Britain’s aid spending should be more closely aligned to its strategic goals.” Penny Modaunt

Only to be abandoned?

Commonwealth Aid Receiving Nation,s ordinary public rarely see anything on the scale that is boasted about by our politicians in UK government. If at all.

In many cases, aid receiving nations’ public have for many decades rejected aid packages with strings attached.

Adding salt to the wounds of WW2 commonwealth veterans! “Britain’s aid spending should be more closely aligned to its strategic goals.” Says Penny Mordaunt.

Strategic goal aims are not compatible in terms of the needy people buried in  poverty and in Cemeteries across Asia, Middle East and Africa.


In some cases, the only bread winning member of the family was persuaded to join the war leaving no one to take care of the remaining family and kids. Over a million African soldiers had joined  WWll to serve their Queen and mother country.

Politicians need to take a deep look at how the aid is distributed.  In the case of African and Asian soldiers, their right to some type of payment, and compensation needs to be looked at.

The African nations’ Second World War veterans, the abandoned and the forgotten – whatever happened to their dues?

What ever happened to their pensions?

George Medal Awarded for Bravery

There is clear evidence ,in parts of the world, veterans who survived the 2nd world war have died of destitution.

And those that live? They are still fighting war, fighting the extreme poverty with no hope of ever coming out of their tragic situation.


Christian Aid warns Penny Mordaunt against ‘playing politics’ with international aid

International development secretary Penny Mordaunt has been criticised by charities including Christian Aid for suggesting Britain’s commitment to spending 0.7 per cent of gross national income on aid is ‘unsustainable’.

Mordaunt, who is tipped as a prospective candidate in the Conservative Party leadership elections, has said private funding should be part of the target. She has also said Britain’s aid spending should be more closely aligned to its strategic goals.”


S Jammeh a proud member of The Gambian WW2 veteran’s family.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Fajara, The Gambia

 As from the entrance into Fajara War Graves cemetery. European, Canadian, Australia + fallen heroes are buried on the right hand side and African, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria + buried heroes on the left hand side.

Veterans Abroad and Some in UK They are Dying Fast of Poverty

Tories are lining up Penny Mordaunt as their next Party leader.

And the usual vote winning considerations?

2018     7 Months ago.  International development secretary, UK. Penny Mordaunt pledges to support Commonwealth veterans. Approximately 8,500 of these veterans or their widows are today living below the poverty line around the world, such as in India, Pakistan and a number of African countries.


2019     3 Months ago.

UK aid to protect 7,000 Commonwealth veterans of the British Armed Forces from extreme poverty

Over 7,000 veterans of the Commonwealth will receive two meals a day through UK aid, International Development Secretary announces.

Relative of The Gambia soldier with his medals.

Veterans numbers 8500 June 2018

Dropped to

Veterans  7000  November 2018

By the time payments, if any at all are made there is good probability few hundred veterans may still be living.



Moving Forward, Very Welcome Step Forward. A better and peaceful world is not only possible but its taking shape right now


Afzal Khan MP

“I was delighted to meet with a delegation from the Sikh and Pakistani community to discuss the development of the Kartarpur Corridor initiative.

The Pakistani government announced that access to the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur will be opened for Sikh pilgrims, in time for celebrations of the 550th anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak.

This is a big step for the global Sikh community, and also for Pakistani and Indian relations.

I would like to thank Yasmin Qureshi MP for organising this, as well as fellow parliamentarians for showing their support.

This significant milestone symbolises the cooperation between Pakistan and India and the potential to build peace between the two countries. I am hopeful this progress continues. Confidence building is critical for the South Asia region and this moment of positivity needs to carry on between India and Pakistan for the sake of their citizens “

Birmingham City Council Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling Majid Mahmood Resigns

Fighting for justice, equality and your rights

Majid Mahmood is a very hard working councilor is he getting well deserved support from you?  
Image may contain: Majid Mahmood, night and outdoor
Image may contain: Majid Mahmood, outdoorImage may contain: Majid Mahmood, smiling, car and outdoor
Image may contain: 11 people, including Majid Mahmood, people smiling, crowd, sky and outdoor

Majid Mahmood

“It is with regret to inform you that I resigned from the post of Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling. I have found myself in a difficult position over the last few months with the effective backdoor privatisation of the nurseries, the proposals of the loss of pay to care workers together with the ongoing dispute with UNISON and the current dispute with Unite the Union around the “secret payments” to GMB. I was asked to sign off a report to seek an injunction against UNITE and UNISON using TORY party legislation that will ultimately lead to an attack on a trade union is something that I cannot be a party of.

I have very much enjoyed my time serving the city as the Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling. It has been a huge privilege and honour to hold the position establishing a really good working relationship with the workforce in street cleansing, refuse collection and waste enforcement. There are still major issues in the refusal collection and if we’re to build a long term sustainable service for the citizens changes need to be made working in conjunction with the workers.

However given the direction that the cabinet are seeking around the bins dispute, and the home care workers to take this Labour council I find myself having to compromise my socialist values of equality, fairness and justice. This is something I am not prepared to do, and I will as a backbench Labour councillor be in a better place to fight on a platform of socialism, and do my utmost to stop the cabinet making decisions that are against our Labour values.

A huge thank you to the many community groups, citizens, union colleagues that I have got to know during my role. You all do some fantastic work. Keep it up, and I am always here to help those seeking to improve the lives #FortheMany.

I will remain as a committed local councillor, and will do what I do best which is representing my constituents with my colleague Diane Donaldson in the Bromford and Hodge Hill ward. #solidarity #JC4PM

We often complain that our elected politicians/councilors are not doing enough
But when they do are we supporting them enough?
Think its time we show well deserved support where its due!