As part of its inquiry into hate crime, I will join my colleagues on the Home Affairs Select Committee. Naz Shah MP

As part of its inquiry into hate crime, I will join my colleagues on the Home Affairs Select Committee. Naz Shah MP

HOME AFFAIRS SELECT COMMITTEE – TUESDAY 24th AprilAs part of its inquiry into hate crime, I will join my colleagues on…

Geplaatst door Naz Shah MP op dinsdag 24 april 2018

Scope of the inquiry

In the last Parliament the Home Affairs Committee conducted a wide-ranging inquiry into ‘Hate crime and its violent consequences’. The inquiry was cut short by the June General Election but the Committee was able to publish a report in May 2017 on Abuse, hate and extremism online, which focused on the role of social media companies in addressing hate crime and illegal content on their platforms.

The new Committee in the current Parliament has resumed the hate crime inquiry.

297 Replies to “As part of its inquiry into hate crime, I will join my colleagues on the Home Affairs Select Committee. Naz Shah MP”

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