When members of Jewish communities express genuine anxieties, we must recognise them


I am grateful to the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Community Security Trust for a positive and constructive meeting about tackling antisemitism.

I am absolutely committed to rooting out antisemitism from our party and our society.

When members of Jewish communities express genuine anxieties, we must recognise them as we would those of any other community. Their concerns are not “smears”. Jews belong in the Labour Party and we are utterly committed to making it a safe and welcoming place for them.

I have charged our new General Secretary Jennie Formby with improving our disciplinary procedures as her top priority to ensure all complaints are dealt with swiftly and fairly. We are grateful for the input from Jewish community groups, who we will continue to listen to carefully.

We will lay out the further steps we are taking in the coming weeks. We will continue to engage and work with Jewish community organisations to deal with this issue. Our party will not fail our Jewish brothers and sisters.

305 Replies to “When members of Jewish communities express genuine anxieties, we must recognise them”

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