£45m Young Londoners Fund to help steer young people away from violent crime.


Earlier this year, we announced the £45m Young Londoners Fund to help steer young people away from violent crime. Sign…

Geplaatst door Sadiq Khan op vrijdag 27 april 2018

Mayor's Young Londoners Fund

Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund

The Mayor has created the Young Londoners Fund to help London’s children and young adults make the most of our amazing city.

The Mayor’s new £45m Young Londoners Fund will help children and young people to fulfil their potential, particularly those at risk of getting caught up in crime. It will support a range of education, sport, cultural and other activities for children and young people. The 3-year fund will see £30m made available for projects in local communities. The remaining £15m will be invested to expand existing projects funded by City Hall that support young Londoners.

Read more about the Young Londoners Fund

Register below to be the first to hear when applications for the Young Londoners Fund open.

Find out how schools can apply for funding to run the Stepping Stones programme – supporting vulnerable pupils to transition from primary to secondary school.

Further details have been announced about the first £5m to scale up to existing City Hall projects, including support for community sports initiatives, gang exit programmes and projects to train teachers and youth workers in mental health first aid. More details are in the full press release.

More information about how to apply to the fund will be announced on this page.


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