Ummah across the world will be preparing for the holy month of Ramadan in about 18-20 days time.

Ummah across the world will be preparing for the holy month of Ramadan in about 18-20 days time.

For many reasons, month of Ramadhan occupies a very important position in Islamic calendar.

  Downloading the Ramadhan Calendar On Your Laptop/PC.   Please follow instructions below:
Move the curser / mouse pointer to the image and right click the mouse button. A new window will open up with options. Click left button on the mouse to save the image: “save image as”Consult the instruction on saving it on your androids. Will have a slight variation on saving images.


It is common knowledge that the month involves fasting, and ends with a celebration called Eid.  Ramadhan is much more than that simply fasting for various popular reasons. Islamic month is also about charity, reflections and resolutions. About individuals making changes within for a peaceful and better world.

Statement from  Jamiat-Ul-Mulimeen.
Atta Choudhri Vice Chairman

403 Replies to “Ummah across the world will be preparing for the holy month of Ramadan in about 18-20 days time.”

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