London is the greatest city in the world, but too often we still see huge inequalities as a result of race and economic background Mayor of London



London is the greatest city in the world, but too often we still see huge inequalities as a result of race and economic background.

At Tideway today, I was proud to launch, with Deputy Mayor Matthew Ryder, the Workforce Integration Network which will take important steps to help tackle the systemic bias which leaves too many talented young black men missing out on the opportunities London offers.

It is clear that existing methods of supporting young black men into employment are not going far enough. We need to be bolder and work together with employers to ensure all Londoners are able to access jobs, reach their potential and unlock their talent.

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300 Replies to “London is the greatest city in the world, but too often we still see huge inequalities as a result of race and economic background Mayor of London”

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