Halikarnas and Agra. Artemisia versus Shah Jahan. What do they have in common?


Taj Mahal First Of Its Kind. Built by a Wife.

Halikarnas and Agra. Artemisia versus Shah Jahan. What do they have in common? One a Wife and the other a Husband

Love for the other half.    Halikarnas is where the word Mausoleum was created. Word mausoleum is widely used today to describe a Tomb. As this Mausoleum was being built, the body to be buried was alive and well, only to be completed by his wife after he died, strangely his wife was also his sister. Common practice of the time sisters or brothers marrying their siblings. No matter how much we loath it at times incest did not exist as we know it today.

The Taj Mahal, made from white marble is a mausoleum on the Yumuna river. Built by Shah Jahan the Mughal emperor for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.



Wife Builds A Tomb.

Artemisia built one for her husband Mausolus. World wonders, first similarity to Taj Mahal was built in Halicarnassus known as Bodrum today.

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As the history has it, the first case of aesthetics of love and reverence of a partner or the other half was a tomb construction for Mausolus a very powerful Persian Empire Governor of place today known as Bodrum, Turkey.

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Not much to say about the Tomb as it today lies in ruins. But one cannot ignore the beautiful colour roses in the garden and links to beauty that this place held in distant past

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