Bouthaina Shaaban. Syria


صاحب قضية
في هذا الزمن المتسارع الأحداث كماً وكيفاً قد تفوتنا دراسة بعض التفاصيل الهامة، والتي إن تمّ الإنتباه إليها قد تشكّل قيمة مضافة في فهم مجريات الأمور، كبيرها وصغيرها. في هذا الزمن يتحدث الكثيرون، وبشكل عفوي عن مفترق طرق محلّي وإقليمي، ودولي ذلك لأن الكثيرين يشعرون أنهم يفقدون خصائص العالم الذي ولدوا، وترعرعوا فيه دون أن يدركوا حقيقة العالم الذي يتشكّل، أو الصورة النهائية التي سيستقر عليها هذا العالم. في مثل هذا المفصل تكثر التفسيرات، والإجتهادات دون أن يكو…

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In this accelerated and and time, we may miss the study of some important details, which, if attention is drawn, may add value in understanding things, large and small. In this time, many speak, spontaneously, of a local, regional and international crossroads, because many feel that they lose the characteristics of the world that they were born and grew up in without realizing the reality of the world that is forming, or the final image that will be She has this world. In such a joint, there is a lot of interpretations and jurisprudence that no one has to offer his hatred for his readings, and his theories are not yet proof of anything but readings, conclusions, reflections and expectations. Time, for example, holds the first hypocrite in the twenty-first century of Palestine in six months, as Palestine is slaughtered more and more, and is mired in support of terrorism, terrorists, and occupation of the land that gave birth to the true resistance to the occupation of Neither the question of Palestine nor the Palestinian people, but its aim is to attract the attention of all those in favour of Palestine, to relieve the pressure of the riparian states of the gulf against Palestine and its people, and to increase its popularity inside turkey shortly prior to the elections In this time, he also describes the last colonized, the prime minister of the usurping entity, describing the human rights council, which ordered a commission to investigate his heinous crimes against the Palestinian people, describing him as a ” hypocrite as he stands as a true embodiment of hypocrisy In today’s world. In this time, more than Palestinian civilians are being slaughtered, and thousands of children, women and isolation are wounded without the united nations or international conscience moving, and without the American delegate on the security council raising a small part of the false noise she has raised on a subject The chemo is deceiving the world with its lying, lying, lying to the people of ghouta, by Aleppo and any point that formed a victory, and a positive turn for the Syrian Arab army. In this time, the president of the most powerful country in the world stands to say that he wants to loot Iraq’s oil, the gulf as Libya’s oil, and that there are no people in these countries, but not even countries, but money, gold and oil to He considers the United States as a gaseous state with a legitimate right to such oil and money as the spoils of war. In this time, the Zionism of Ivanka Trump, which the rulers of Saudi Arabia poured into money, and gifts because they visited them with hundreds of billions of dollars, stands to open the us embassy in Jerusalem against all resolutions of international legitimacy. And The United States Congress itself. In this time, it has been mixed with bombs, and values have fallen in the eyes of many, and there have been strong and bold positions against injustice and a triumph of the right, but despite all that, and despite all that we are witnessing, a coup d ‘ Good manners to humanity, and despite all that we are witnessing in the face of the strong and the weak of the weak, you, Palestinian resistance, remain on your case like the embers of the embers, and leave your house in the morning knowing that you may not come back For Injustice, occupation and aggression, and you don’t even have a stone in that sand earth. You leave your house with your wife and children, or you want them, and you go because the case is on your conscience, and you’re too old to be lost in the protectors of all these accelerated variables, and because you’ve decided that even though you don’t have And to resist peacefully, even if your enemies do not understand peace, and do not believe in it, they will shoot you, and you will fall against your blood to witness your blood that Palestine is still alive and will not die. You fell and took your colleagues, and your loved ones are falling, and their colleagues are carrying them and running to an ambulance, hoping to save their lives, and within hours, watching the hypocrite world, the coward, ten,,,,, They fall with the monitoring of a colonial colony left, and the world of tyrants and rulers is watching and not all of this is a violation of human rights, or a horrific massacre of What you have done, you martyr, wounded, stainless in this strange time is a great thing that has proved to the world that the owners of the cases have not yet died, and that they are born every day carrying their torches on the path of sacrifice, redemption, and The individual, the collection of wealth is not the only one in today’s world, and that there are honest enough to move the conscience of the world in support of their issues and that they love the testimony of their children, and that a country that guarantees Palestine every day has Colonization of a racist brute and a criminal. I have prepared for us all, Arab resistance, to consider that we are not employees, not quitters, not meeting what we are witnessing and living, but we have not yet been able to ạjtrạḥ the working mechanisms capable of restoring the right to their rightful owners, but your blood This way, the advocates of surrender are shut down from rulers and rulers of mercenaries, who say that what trump and Sri Lanka are planning is inevitable.
Your blood is a long-standing, long-standing flame of the Arab Palestinian, which is still being led by the owners of a case, all in its own way, and all, according to its potential, and its jurisdiction, waiting for an hour

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