Subsidised council run nurseries in Birmingham another Act in the Thatcherite Tragedy.


Oliver Collenette on Save Our Nurseries


Subsidised council run nurseries in Birmingham another Act in the Thatcherite Tragedy.
What better expression of civic duty can you find for a democratically elected council than the running of council nurseries for the 37% of Birmingham children who live in poverty? City wide money focused on those who live in the less well off areas and given to kickstart the futures of 2,3 and 4 year olds? it is so civilised it brings a tear to your eye. In the face of the deliberate attack on the Have Nots called Austerity having a council that is proud to discharge its duty as guardian of the poor and is positively arrogant about putting its money where its ethics are, as you can imagine the people of Birmingham are positively blessed.
And imagine you must.
The Labour Birmingham Council version of civic pride is to proclaim it is running a £3 billion pound business, the chief officer for childrens services is on £150,000 more or less and the councillors are the highest allowanced councillors in the UK.
Goodbye council run nurseries just another Act in the Thatcherite Tragedy.
The council plays the role of willing pawns and the children the hapless victims, as long as people are well adjusted to injustice the Act is remorselessly played out and the question is what is to be done?
It is time to straighten our backs, democracy has an ethical backbone it is not just rule by numbers, those who see everything through the eye of finance cannot make value judgements, they have to be judged wanting, to their face and expressed with the disgust they have earnt because make no mistake they and their neoliberalism a rigged economy backed by a philosophy of self are selling us all down the river.
For one particular nursery in Birmingham this means knocking on doors in the community looking to refresh the essence of democracy at the grass roots level, the community through respect for the dignity of others and solidarity as a whole has the power to pressurise their councillors they have to be made to understand what is expected of them. There are many ways to skin a cat as the expression goes but doing nothing in the face of this ethically bankrupt assault on the Have Nots in society is not an option it has to be fought, it has to be fought now, and it has to be fought by the Many.
People ask me “but what can we do and how can we stop the council from closing everything” my answer is in the right hands democracy is a beautiful thing. Make sure those hands are yours.

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