Oh what times, Oh what behaviour.

GMB, the Union you don’t want involved when saving your council run nursery
Birmingham UK
Oliver Collenette
2nd June 2018

Oh what times, Oh what behaviour, GMB what have you done?

GMB your arrogance in securing a deal for your members has led you to collaborate with Birmingham Council in an Act of community vandalism that can only be called a Tragedy of Thatcherite proportions. You have used the language that those who thirst for social justice would never use; you have penned a business plan, a report using the language of profit and loss, the language of business, the language of Austerity to legitimise the council closing or privatising nurseries in Birmingham. These are not just ordinary nurseries, they are not private nurseries they are subsidised council nurseries and by god they are not your nurseries to judge, they are not your nurseries to sacrifice or save. You have been played by the council like a peon, you have willingly cosied up and now you are being judged, you have ended up doing the councils dirty work for them. These nurseries are subsidised to enable those children who belong to the 37% of Birmingham children who live in poverty to get a kickstart in life. Who are you to issue verdicts on their futures, these nurseries do not run at a loss they are not businesses, they don’t manufacture widgets they are public services to be publicly funded and run by the council. Your actions are a stain on the good name of the GMB, lets hope it will be seen as a low point in your history, you have rolled over and accepted these nurseries all located in the poorer areas of Birmingham are fair game for the cuts, just another unavoidable Austerity casualty. To remind you, Birmingham council flushed £6,000,000 down the toilet fighting the bin men, yes thats right the bin men fought the cuts and the bin men won, this time GMB there is no fight but you win! shame the 37% lost.

The communities you have done the dirty on, they deserve to know what you have recommended, its a business plan full profit and loss analysis nursery by nursery prepared after extensive conversations with the Council. We demand the list with your recommendations.

Worried about who to give it to? You shouldn’t have written the bloody thing in the first place, you should have fought. Where is Unites Howard Beckett when you need him?