Erdogan is a leader that has following right across the world. Only Turkish leader that has reached across the international boundaries in his popularity. Those that could not vote in Turkish elections prayed for his return to power!

It is a festival day today. It is Turkey’s day. It is a day that 81 million people won and there is no loser, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım

The Supreme Electoral Board chairman Sadi Güven has announced that Erdoğan received the majority of the votes as 97.7 percent of the votes have been counted. “The number of votes that have not been counted yet is not enough to affect the outcome,” he said.

President Erdoğan has addressed thousands of supporters in front of the ruling AKP’s headquarters. “We never bow down in front of anyone, except God,” he said. It was earlier reported that Erdoğan cancelled his victory speech, dubbed “balcony speech.” Turkish President explained the crowd in Ankara that his speech was delayed because a 7-year-old supporter was injured in an accident in Istanbul during celebrations. “You have given a lesson to those who wait for Turkey to kneel,” he added. “The winner of this election is democracy, the will of the people, each one of our 81 million citizens,” Erdoğan said, “We have also taken our lessons from these results. We will stand before our nation by fixing our shortcomings. We will keep our promises.”

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444 Replies to “Erdogan is a leader that has following right across the world. Only Turkish leader that has reached across the international boundaries in his popularity. Those that could not vote in Turkish elections prayed for his return to power!”

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