Yemeni Immigrant ʿBdạlslạm Ạlkbdy He tells his story how he managed to migrate to Europe

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المهاجر اليمني عبدالسلام الكبدي
يروي قصته كيف نجح بالهجرة الى اوروبا والمعاناة التي يتلقاها المواطن اليمني بالدول العربية وكيف تم استقباله في اسبانيا .

Yemeni Immigrant ʿBdạlslạm Ạlkbdy
He tells his story how he managed to migrate to Europe and the suffering that yemeni citizens receive in Arab countries and how he was received in Spain.
Immigration or travel to Europe

After I spent 13 years in the Arab kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and thank god i made of her sustenance, and I ate of her bounty and her grace, and God bless him and live with my children in it, and we are good and good Thank God.
The Government of Saudi Arabia has issued decisions and laws concerning its sovereignty over the labour system and its conditions of employment for the foreign worker.
The days went by, and I had a share, and I had to find a patrol car.
At my work headquarters which is in car maintenance activity
The security man got out of the car and asked me to prove it, and it was my thing and my condition is slim
On the side of his bail and working conditions
Tell me to get in the league. It was my answer to him and why all my things are good and enough. With all the rage and provocation, you go up and use the violence.
I got on patrol, and I had it very easy, and I didn’t care, and it was my self-confidence that it was
In 5 minutes, the security car was full, and he was carrying anyone on his way, trying to explain to the security man why I was being charged, and I understand that I have my children and
So what he had to say was all stubborn and provocative to shut up or he would put me down on the street and turn your face You shut me up to God, and I lit a fire from my heart and it burned me because I wasn’t against or anything I had a reason
All the security cars met in a big place, and I saw that the campaign was very wild and it was one time to go to the arrivals center. The number of cars was close to 100
And at the reception of the security officer,
Cars have been asking everyone how many people are with you and the soldier replied with all fun as if he gets them features or allowances. And both of the officers have the number of people with him on patrol
We got in a big place or a big one, and our treatment was too bad and it was cold days.
And we’re under the fresh air. We couldn’t even ask to get into the bathroom. God bless you from the fear of soldiers (military) because of the hope and attack of anyone who wants to understand what it is so that he has arrived in them extending their hands with ambition 😢
We’ve waited almost two hours and under the cold air.
Until we got an officer or responsible for the campaign reports and his instructions were to the soldier.
Write with all the reports his work is’ll 😳
The report was written by the accomodation. All reports have been completed after about 3 hours for the amount of massive number and total that every half hour comes from cars over 100 patrols.
The reports were ready for his work, and an heiress was my focus, and he was close to the officer.
He said wipe all the reports and write (work for their own account)
Place the where 😳
And hiring tea 😄
Soldier wrote reports again (Shay)
Hand over reports and fathoms we tried to protest at the passport man after his presence to receive the reports and see that the case is one for all of his works 🤔
He talked to the soldiers and said, ” prove to them all these charges
And he was responding to Scott. We left and it was late at night at 12 We didn’t know what our fate was.
They left us all the officers and all the officials, and there’s nothing left but to
We were late to sleep late night (morning)
And we couldn’t sleep except in the stairwell.
On the second day of the afternoon, we took our lives and beat us, and we were not violators. There was no response from any man or employee in the place..
We were starving and starved of cold.
And if a security car (bus) comes to the site and we ride in it, we don’t know where our fate is.
We got on the bus and went to the print place after one of my relatives contacted me that they were going to see me, and there was no way that I could get away. And it needs to attend my sponsor very necessary 😱
I was shocked and my address was very broken, and I have a sugar drop under 0)😄 of this news, and why is the charge or crime that I committed 😣 and it was worse for my children and 6 years old and their youngest MONTHS NUMBER 3 😭
A few minutes later, we went to print. I didn’t try to print until I was able to reason with the officer in charge of the place and to prove to him that I was innocent of these reports My children did not play them here if I was deported and any regime and any law on travel of the family and his children residing in this country.
He didn’t respond to me and he responded with his pastor imprinting and stop your face 😫😅
I tried to explain my position in the last moments at the device before I put it down. The responsible response was irresponsible and we do not want any yemeni in this country. What your father is in our country in short. I entrusted my command to God and I said I mḍlwm ḥsbny̱ God and yes agent
And I was forced to print and make final exit procedures.
I reached out to my sponsor, and he was far away in the west of the kingdom, and for the reason he was connected to his work and
But after insisting on him and understand the topic that he is at the top of the importance he must come
He came in a hurry, and the men were parking.
Ban the same day ii morning to place management arrivals (Shamisi)
It has been proved to them that this worker works for me and these work procedures if you prove that you work for your sponsor.
They wanted it in the hands of the mother and not in us. He SAT 5 days following his mother and the lawyers and found no answer…
I met in a lot of yemenis in the deportation section and every day they come over 500 people in conflict and the same condition that was my case
And we couldn’t sleep from the enormous amount under abandoneer, and the cases are very difficult from older people, patients, children, and people who are residents, and they are legit
The trips to Yemen were every Sunday and every Thursday twice a week. And in the trip over 800 people reached 14 with a friendly line 😒
My League did not come directly until the prisons were dismissed (wards), there were over 12 wards and each ward contained 800 people and no place to sleep and could not even rest 10 minutes.
My role and role of prisoners came with the trip and the trip was not to Yemen but only prison prison 😲
We got to hayer and we were all every 2 people together. And when we entered the gate, they took all our stuff to the secretariats except the money we palm in our pockets, but the military took us for it
We went into the hayer prison, and we stopped it for almost a month (20) and the people were pitiful.
Especially the sick and the elderly. It was a very difficult case on those nights for someone who was in front of the mosque for us and his condition was shaking his body and vomiting blood And after the prisoners shouted to the security guard that the situation was difficult, and he died, his response to all of his heads took him out to
The days passed, and we were caught, and we got nervous and thinking of our children and our parents and we were cut off from any connection with no use of mobile. We don’t know what happened to our kids and our parents.
Of course, the flights were a week from the same prison to our country and every Sunday. About 700 to 800 people who are anonymous and anonymous…
I had a friend in the department who had 8500 Sr left with secretariats and his socks, and when he played his trip, he was forced, and he was holding his residence, but there was no point in anything
On his trip, a student of money and cell phones from the secretariats found no answer by the security men and your lord compensates him well.
We had a share to be late and someone who had his family and his children and the same case and the case that he recorded
After 20 days, we were sent back to the deportation department and stayed 15 days. Until we were released, thanks to me and my friend yaf, and we were paid to track over $ 20 to release us.
The observers had to race poor prisoners by selling and evil, and the payment could reach over 30 grand until the person was released, all manipulated and laughed at the poor, and he would only find himself in a friendly port…
Leaving his family, his rights, his rights, any things that belong to cars and personal purposes, and it becomes between one moment and one hand.
I decided then to turn on the place of I above the immigration that I was in and diaspora for a living and find a generous life for me and my children. All of the international embassies have been in advance in the way of his system, and I have only found a way of rejection because of our situation that we have reached yemenis, and we have never trusted him to accept us on her territory in a
I didn’t eat and I didn’t give up. I looked for a few ways of immigration until I found his way, and it was overrated, and he felt like a car, but he didn’t want me to
I rely on God and I took the visa and packed my luggage and travelled through 3 Arab countries until I arrived in the Arab country (Morocco) at Casa Blanca airport
I had my travel buddy and after a plane trip it was over 13 hours. We were exhausted and tired of travel, apartment and fatigue.
We have a road trip on the bus or a train equivalent to 750 kilometres to the border that we have lost until entering Europe’s territory.
We went to the train station to buy tickets, and we had to wait for about 9 hours, and we were weird about the area, and we didn’t calm down until we got to our friend who had to put us in the hotel room to rest.
We went to the bus station, and people were watching us remotely, and they know that they’re weird about the area as if we were to sell it and buy us. Even the bus tickets were different than any citizen in the country.
We have booked and we are all on God, and you moved us to the bus, and the engine sounds like it is inside your brain, and with us travel and fasting, we are very tired, but the sights were very beautiful and we were enjoying the great and views You walk the bus, and every quarter of an hour, it stops to go down and the passengers

We walked up to the middle of the road, and the bus was changed to another party, even if we got halfway in a zone and a bus stop located in a city called Fez. And we were in a hurry because we were strangers from the area, we went up the bus that put us to the area that we lost at the last flight called nador, and the driver’s response was only at pm after breakfast, and it was time for breakfast in Seven and a half. My friend and I took a walk at the bus station, and it was so awesome, and we were looking for a restaurant and breakfast, and when we got away from the station in several meters, people looked at us like we were known to be strangers to the area and With someone walking behind us and watching us pay attention to his situation and tried to change our direction and he was heading in the direction that he made like he said I will ashland and bqww him 😳
We were afraid to put it and we went back to the bus station so that people would be there and
Distract us.

And it’s time for breakfast to take our meal from breakfast, and it’s time for us to move on.
The bus moved and we walked and the speed was no more than 60 miles an hour.

We contacted our friend, and they were going to show us until we arrived at the last station at a.m.
At the same time, I found people in the hotel that we sent out, people who were coming out and moving on, and families and voices of children in
I found all of the hotels packed in Arabic, from Yemeni, Syria, and others, but they are all yemenis, and they’re all trying to get into Spanish.
Oh God, where is our situation and our situation and our dignity and pride
I found them trying to get into the area, days, weeks and months.
I’ve heard stories like it’s a fantasy and the heart squeezes for it. Alma found men and young people fed up, and the earth narrowed them down to what
Friends I recognized in the same hotel and as yemeni and had them in the area about a week and I found them, all they tried to enter, they came back to the Moroccan police, and he took his share of
The area of origin and borders. It’s about the gate between the city of ạlnạḍwr and the city of with.
The citizens of the the area are allowed to enter the Spanish area.
By passport ạlnạḍwry
Upon their passing, they were not searched by the Moroccan soldier unless he doubted him asking for his passport.
Immigrants or smugglers are trying to get in with citizens and the same traffic, if the soldier doubt you and ask for your passport, may god help you find bail anywhere in your body 😅 and come
The other way in a wall you climb and it has a risk of height above 3 meters and of course you don’t have to take it or try to
There is a lot of people, and they watch the gate and all places if you agree with them and give them their right and may be from 350 to 500 euros or they will report you to the authorities. And I found you several strokes of your body. And the question is luck and good luck from God enter people who enter from the first try and from the gate and people climb the fence and get tired and get to the hand of the authorities Moroccan and hit and is that and people enter from the first time
I arranged my affairs, my money, and I came to the risk, and the morale was strong, but it was only 10 % of the stories of friends in the area.
I reached out to the smuggler, and our deal was through the gate, without fatigue or smuggling from the fence, and it was 500 euros.
I got close to the gate, and I tried to get in.
Of course, after you end yourself and yourself and change your shape and make you wear your clothes A smooth tie to your neck and it starts to risk.
I started with the mission and I’ll whit myself like I’m nạḍwry 😃
The Soldier me me out of all the pedestrians and asked for my passport and I took over the
And when I highlight my identity directly to his hand and give it to my head 😐😅
I turned his turn and my head is spinning. And I got myself into the gate. I spoke to myself that it is another, it is a car and I hope to enter, but without the gate, and I climbed the towering wall, and if god allowed, I would not be able to do it, and I did not deliver from middle fractures, so To him successfully until I reached the Spanish gate….
Reached the hand of Spanish authorities 
My passport came out, I found protection, I found the reception, and I found a good treat like I was inside a world other than
Deliverance from the story
The road is not furnished with roses and maybe not heaven
But its suffering is easier than the suffering of alienation and dealing in our Arab country

Understand some of my story offended by the Arab kingdom Saudi Arabia
No, I swear to God I am explaining my suffering and something happened to me about reality and my story is through it and something I speak with my tongue, I speak for a lot, they suffered the same
The country of Saudi Arabia consider it my second home and eat of its good, and I have made it out of its sustenance, and its people have lived in their good ones, and there is
What I say to the queen only thank you a thousand thanks.” and do not deny her thanks but ungrateful, and this is not our nature, our traditions and our traditions, and not as he says that the
My story is from the lesson and my story has goals and my story I want to help others and to have anyone help with what I appreciate
And accept my sincere greetings
The story went long but I loved to be reminded of me 😘

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