Lahore Model Town Massacre it Will Be a Case of “Hang’em High”

Imran Khan has long advocated in returning nations money that has been laundered to Europe. With a new Government in Pakistan they will be using legal  channels in case of Money acquired through corruption and Laundered to UK with the aim of  returning it to Pakistan.
  allama: Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
Law Must Work for All Not Just for the Working Class.
Courts and Law must be fair, just, seen working, justice done and fast.
Pending cases in court are hanging over their heads like a guillotine. Unfortunately Nawaz Sharif and his money laundering ministers of Pakistan are deeper in trouble.
If found guilty and when all the cases are dealt in court they be looking at life imprisonment. If tried under terrorism laws, possibly in the case of Lahore Model Town massacre, it will be a case of “Hang’em High” . There are children now grown up

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