The Batman Goes for Fairness and Justice 4 The Many. Austerity measures are being placed in a style not known by the Elite in Pakistan

PM Imran Khan has begun the first working day hitting the boundaries with austerity measures. He did not mince his words. promised his team heading government will live within means fitting a nation buried in debt.

PM Imran Khan wishes to turn PM house into a University. Decides to live in a three bed room house himself. Intends to keep 2 Bat-mobiles and 2 Butlers.

Former heads of Pakistan had 524 employees working in the premier house, no doubt cooking Aaloo Keema.

Entourage consisting, a total of 80 cars including 33 bullet proof. Most cars will be auctioned off.

Tory government should take some leads from The Batman. Taking from the rich and giving it to the ones that have been robbed by the corrupt.

Strangely the old mafia, they can not let go of corrupt tyrannical mindset. PMLN members criticised his brilliant, genuine and a simply speech connecting with people right across Pakistani nation.Some Members of PM Khan’s cabinet. Congratulation to a very talented team.



363 Replies to “The Batman Goes for Fairness and Justice 4 The Many. Austerity measures are being placed in a style not known by the Elite in Pakistan”

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