General Election Now. Thousand poured into Central London Wearing Yellow Vests.

Why Tories Must Go. Worst Post War Government.

General Election Now.  In their history Tories  never  did much for the nation.  They Consistently damaged nations wealth by creating and dramatising the need to rid off it by selling it off cheaply, such as BP and GPO  property owned  by the hard working people of Britain. Many more crown jewels were sold off by Tories, its a case where our nation has been taken for a ride to poverty.


Investment Gone,  £22bn flew away from being  invested in UK.  Job opportunities lost, 204,997 gone , Manufacturing in Danger, Job security gone. Fascists on the march. Far right Extremist numbers going up at an alarming rate.


Too many reasons for Theresa May to go. General Election has become order of the day.

Muslims under attack, Broad Street in Birmingham Petrol Bombed and as usual ignored by MSM.

Homeless numbers up, Nearly 600 homeless people died last year . Our NHS Disappearing, Wards closed, Hospital death waiting on trolleys gone up. Privatisation & Tax dodging on the increase. European parts factories close, Michelin and Schaeffler to close UK plants with 1,400 job gone. These are but just the few Tories failed Brexit mess mentions.


Large numbers of British people present in London protesting against Theresa May and her government’s BREXIT failures. General Election Now turn out in London is a massive statement demanding Tory government to hold elections

Weekend Saw a Huge yellow Vest Protest. General Election Now.

Hats off!  Now that’s commitment.    In very cold and wet weather thousands poured into Central London wearing yellow vests.

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