Birmingham City Council Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling Majid Mahmood Resigns

Fighting for justice, equality and your rights

Majid Mahmood is a very hard working councilor is he getting well deserved support from you?  
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Image may contain: Majid Mahmood, outdoorImage may contain: Majid Mahmood, smiling, car and outdoor
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Majid Mahmood

“It is with regret to inform you that I resigned from the post of Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling. I have found myself in a difficult position over the last few months with the effective backdoor privatisation of the nurseries, the proposals of the loss of pay to care workers together with the ongoing dispute with UNISON and the current dispute with Unite the Union around the “secret payments” to GMB. I was asked to sign off a report to seek an injunction against UNITE and UNISON using TORY party legislation that will ultimately lead to an attack on a trade union is something that I cannot be a party of.

I have very much enjoyed my time serving the city as the Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling. It has been a huge privilege and honour to hold the position establishing a really good working relationship with the workforce in street cleansing, refuse collection and waste enforcement. There are still major issues in the refusal collection and if we’re to build a long term sustainable service for the citizens changes need to be made working in conjunction with the workers.

However given the direction that the cabinet are seeking around the bins dispute, and the home care workers to take this Labour council I find myself having to compromise my socialist values of equality, fairness and justice. This is something I am not prepared to do, and I will as a backbench Labour councillor be in a better place to fight on a platform of socialism, and do my utmost to stop the cabinet making decisions that are against our Labour values.

A huge thank you to the many community groups, citizens, union colleagues that I have got to know during my role. You all do some fantastic work. Keep it up, and I am always here to help those seeking to improve the lives #FortheMany.

I will remain as a committed local councillor, and will do what I do best which is representing my constituents with my colleague Diane Donaldson in the Bromford and Hodge Hill ward. #solidarity #JC4PM

We often complain that our elected politicians/councilors are not doing enough
But when they do are we supporting them enough?
Think its time we show well deserved support where its due!

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