“Britain’s aid spending should be more closely aligned to its strategic goals.” Penny Modaunt

Only to be abandoned?

Commonwealth Aid Receiving Nation,s ordinary public rarely see anything on the scale that is boasted about by our politicians in UK government. If at all.

In many cases, aid receiving nations’ public have for many decades rejected aid packages with strings attached.

Adding salt to the wounds of WW2 commonwealth veterans! “Britain’s aid spending should be more closely aligned to its strategic goals.” Says Penny Mordaunt.

Strategic goal aims are not compatible in terms of the needy people buried in  poverty and in Cemeteries across Asia, Middle East and Africa.


In some cases, the only bread winning member of the family was persuaded to join the war leaving no one to take care of the remaining family and kids. Over a million African soldiers had joined  WWll to serve their Queen and mother country.

Politicians need to take a deep look at how the aid is distributed.  In the case of African and Asian soldiers, their right to some type of payment, and compensation needs to be looked at.

The African nations’ Second World War veterans, the abandoned and the forgotten – whatever happened to their dues?

What ever happened to their pensions?

George Medal Awarded for Bravery

There is clear evidence ,in parts of the world, veterans who survived the 2nd world war have died of destitution.

And those that live? They are still fighting war, fighting the extreme poverty with no hope of ever coming out of their tragic situation.


Christian Aid warns Penny Mordaunt against ‘playing politics’ with international aid

International development secretary Penny Mordaunt has been criticised by charities including Christian Aid for suggesting Britain’s commitment to spending 0.7 per cent of gross national income on aid is ‘unsustainable’.

Mordaunt, who is tipped as a prospective candidate in the Conservative Party leadership elections, has said private funding should be part of the target. She has also said Britain’s aid spending should be more closely aligned to its strategic goals.”


S Jammeh a proud member of The Gambian WW2 veteran’s family.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Fajara, The Gambia

 As from the entrance into Fajara War Graves cemetery. European, Canadian, Australia + fallen heroes are buried on the right hand side and African, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria + buried heroes on the left hand side.

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