Extend The World War Veterans and Their Families Citizenship. Give Them Well Deserved Access to Medical Treatment.

Mothers Do Not Abandon and Forget Fallen and Scarred Surviving Heroes. British Government Did!

African & Asian WW2 Veterans.

Scandalous those Asian and African soldiers were paid, as the evidence in the war related documents show far less than white soldiers.

Wed 13 Feb 2019 “Africans who fought for British army paid less than white soldiers” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/13/african-british-army-paid-less-than-white-soldiers

Tories are Way over Due in Action.   No Aid/ Money Paid To The Day.

First announcement made in June 2018 by Secretary of State for International Development of the United Kingdom.

It is not enough. People who laid their lives defending The Queen and  country, totally forgetting and abandoning them to destitution is very harsh treatment of the none white soldiers. Where is Their Pension?

Where they compensated?

After the war at some point they should have enjoyed and spent in comfort their remaining years. But that was not the case, having won their war on the front fighting poverty was not what they were expecting after the war.

Time to Heal the Wounds.

Announcements come plenty from the Ministers / Politicians. Deeds are rare indeed.

Government must take a sincere look at the problems faced by the living veterans and families. Give them lump sums, not two weekly based meals.

Make amends, but Honestly.

Extend The World War Veterans and Their Families Citizenship. Give Them Well Deserved Access to Medical Treatment.

Remove the row

Column: 1

Recorded Earlier This Week.

“I am Samba Jallow, the son of Sabella Jallow, veteran of Royal West African Frontier Force. My father, and his family had never benefited from any fund that is meant for the veteran……and even if there is funds available for the veterans, we have no knowledge about it”

Column: 2

“My father and his friends, who served in the West African Frontier Force, were abandoned to destitution. They never have any access to medication or funds to take Care of their well beings.”



400,000 Indians (British Indian army)

200,000 Algerians , 100,000 Tunisians, 40,000 Moroccans, 100,000 West Africans, 5,000 Somalis and Libyans (French army)

5,000 American Muslims

1.3 million Russian Muslims


100,000 Egyptians

35,000 Chinese Muslims

130,000 North Africans

200,000 Sub Saharan Africans

40,000 Indians

102 Replies to “Extend The World War Veterans and Their Families Citizenship. Give Them Well Deserved Access to Medical Treatment.”

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