We have to work together to tackle the hatred and cruelty that you have been dating again

We have to work together to tackle the hatred and cruelty that you have been dating again, to retreat to trench and attract hatred and nervousness between nationalities, so that they do not explode in a devastating confrontation among peoples.

Today, as we celebrate the th anniversary of the treaty of Versailles and the end of the first world war, we wonder what happened to the right of peoples to self-determination, and not to seize the land of others by force? Rejection of these two principles may be one of the reasons why the sense of insecurity in the majority of the peoples of the region is enhanced.

This phrase was quoted by a Lebanese friend who was not able to, like most of the peoples of the mashreq Arab (in Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon) accept that stability for everyone at the expense of the instability of most peoples of the region It is peoples who are already bleeding as a result of these two principles (the right to self-determination, and the non-confiscation of the land of others by force), and they are all not members of the security council, whether permanent or expanded, but they are the peoples of this same region

We note that every deliberate “political” work of the members of the security council brings with it a well-calculated deterioration of all the people of the region, whether they are refugees or citizens. As former us President Woodrow Wilson says “Self-determination is not just a phrase; it is the principle of the duty of application”.

I remember a phone call in 1982 (when Jordan was the 1982th member of the expanded security council) between Mrs. Margaret Thatcher and my late brother, King Hussein, when I heard her talking about the need not to seize the land of others with strength, and the right of peoples In her destiny report. I asked her her day, ” Mrs. Prime Minister, why do the voices of the sheep bells in the falkland resonate higher than the bells of the churches in Jerusalem?”, it was her reply ” you know how it goes “.

People who are at my age must have at least a war in every decade. We have to work together to tackle the hatred and cruelty that you have been dating again, to retreat to trench and attract hatred and nervousness between nationalities, so that they do not explode in a devastating confrontation among peoples. I repeat what I said in 1981: ” it is all right for us to live in sovereign states, to enjoy security away from armed threats, and to live in peace with our neighbors, but that does not grant whatever the right to occupation And change the character of the region “.

If we are back in time one century, when the church bells rang in memory of the signing of the truce that ended the first world war, it is easy to lose hope and belief that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

However, we can not give up hope now, at least for those who do not vote for them, and for the generations to come. If we do so, we will be denied the possibility to analyse, in a creative way, what cannot be analysed, and perhaps the end of the application of the principle of non-seizure of the land of others, and the principle of the right of peoples to self-determination.

The Democratic Security of all peoples must be spoken, and it may be suggested that independent thinkers from us – or as we are pleased that half of ourselves – are the ones who must light the light inside the tunnel. This leads us to work under “track 2/11”, that is a path that is not pure government, and does not run pure civil diplomacy, only then we can begin to develop vision and insight on how to rid the mashreq of juggernaut Evil: evil is determined by actions and not by motives.


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