Labour has a long and proud history of tackling race equality and improving BAME representation. Race Equality Labour Consultation 2020

Labour has a long and proud history of tackling race equality and improving  BAME representation.

Labour has a long and proud history of tackling race equality and improving BAME representation. Race Equality Labour Consultation 2020

As a nation, we have made huge steps forward in the past fifty years in tackling issues around racism in society and discrimination against individuals from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds. While progress has been made, these issues have still not been fully resolved and BAME communities continue to face discrimination and disadvantage.

Labour has a long and proud history of tackling race equality and improving BAME representation. Whether with the Race Relations Act in 1965, the 2010 Equality Act, or the seminal inquiry into institutional police racism following the murder of Stephen Lawrence, Labour leads the way in promoting and advocating race equality. Angela Rayner MP, the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities will be leading on race equality within the Shadow Cabinet.

However, more work needs to be done to tackle structural issues affecting BAME communities – in relation to health and social care, housing, education, stop and search, business, employment, the arts, and civic and public life. It is also important to acknowledge the achievements and aspirations of our multicultural society in working towards a fair and just Britain for all.

That is why, alongside our support for BAME Labour, BAME Young Labour, professional networks, trade union Black workers groups, grassroots organisations, and the various Labour Friends groups, we have established a Race Equality Advisory Group to help shape and recommend a new race equality strategy as part of our future policy development.
The consultation will inform the Labour Party’s policy-making process. We want to build on the BAME Manifesto which we launched for the 2015 General Election and to spend the coming months in dialogue with a range of organisations and individuals to establish coherent and respected policies and solutions for tackling race inequality.

In the aftermath of the EU referendum there has been a sharp rise in intolerance and hostility towards EU nationals and members of the BAME community. The consultation is an opportunity for us to formulate policy that will protect and enhance race equality legislation.

Work of the Race Equality Advisory Group

The best way to make policy is to draw on the diverse experience and expertise of those it will impact the most. To help us achieve this, we have recently formed a Race Equality Advisory Group who will help us diversify our policy making process in relation to race equality. Established in February 2016, the group consists of experts in race equality, policy development and campaigning, as well as community activists. It will make suggestion to the Labour Party’s Shadow Minister for Women

and Equalities on the formulation of a race equality strategy based on academic research, policy reports, and professional experience and insights. It will give a diverse perspective on the current situation and policy direction around race equality and to engage BAME communities in sharing experiences and shaping policy.

The group will meet at various times throughout the year to stimulate and oversee the development of policy ideas and learning. It holds consultation events to promote discussion and debate on the changing nature of race inequalities and social justice and on the changes and solutions needed.

Membership of Advisory Group

The advisory group comprises of experts, stakeholders and activists who are passionate about diversity and racial equality. The chair of the group is Patrick Vernon MBE who is a health expert and experienced campaigner with a background in equality and diversity.

Policy Questions

The Advisory Group and the Shadow Minister are keen to engage with a range of stakeholders and communities. To complement our nationwide discussion events we invite comments online in response to the following questions. Your answers will help shape our work programme, policy and priorities.

1. What would you identify as the key issues and themes around race equality that need to be addressed over the next five to ten years?
2. What are the top three policy measures/actions you would like to see to promote race equality?
3. What is the best way to ensure race equality is given full consideration in the policy development process and manifesto development of the Labour Party?
4. What action should be taken to help eliminate race discrimination in the United Kingdom?
5. What action should be taken to protect race equality legislation now that the UK has decided to leave the European Union?

Dialogue and Engagement Events and Meetings

The Race Equality Advisory Group and Shadow Equalities Minister, Angela Rayner MP are keen to engage with a wide range of people and we would welcome events and discussion groups to help facilitate this. Please contact us if you would like more details about upcoming events in your area or if you are interested in hosting an event on race equality.

Contact: Huma Haq- Political Advisor to Angela Rayner MP- Women and Equalities.
Social media: #RaceEquality2020

PDF format, to down load the file Click here  —>   Document_One

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