Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khans Speech to Special Session of the General Assembly Today.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khans Speech to Special Session of the General Assembly Today. Points out extremely important shortcomings if urgent attention and resolutions not found.

Imran Khan has proposed practical and desperately needed measures. Totaling 10 proposals to the international community.

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Under Developed and Developing Nations Point Ten

Last point he makes is incredibly important, World community can no longer afford to ignore. As it has all the ingredients and making of future barriers / Problems.


Covid-19 Crisis were nowhere more visible than PM Imran Khans neighbour India

Just as India’s PM modi needed to show off his wealth he and his heartless company/ministers could not find the will to spend on his nation.  Pulled his hand back on funding badly needed, thus acted poorer than a street beggar.


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Below Some Headlines That Hit The World News Media

“Six reasons why the Modi government is squarely responsible for India’s worst migrant crisis”

“COVID-19: Urgent help for India’s forgotten migrant workers”
“Covid-19: Why isn’t there a Vande Bharat mission for India’s”
“Migrant workers: The emergence of invisible India”
“Mumbai discovers life isn’t so sweet without the workers it once ignored”
“India’s heartless capitalists deserve the labour shortages they are about to be hit with”

“Migrant workers in India are hungry, helpless and ignored”

“After ignoring migrant workers’ plight, the Indian Supreme Court now acknowledges unfolding social tragedy
Wasantha Rupasinghe
30 May 2020
After two months of ignoring the horrific plight facing migrant workers due to the calamitous, ill-prepared COVID-19 lockdown imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP government, the Supreme Court of India issued an order Thursday regulating the transportation of migrants to their home states.

The order came two days after the country’s highest court took suo motu cognizance of the “problems and miseries of migrant labourers who have been stranded in different parts of the country.” The order is motivated above all by the fear among India’s legal authorities that continued failure to take any action could cause the rage building up among millions of oppressed workers and toilers to erupt in opposition to the entire capitalist elite and its state.”