Kissinger continued his mission and put the POW issue under discussion. Israel insisted that it will not sit at a single discussion

Dr.Bouthaina Shaaban

Kissinger in Damascus.. blocked road.. part three..
Kissinger continued his mission and put the POW issue under discussion. Israel insisted that it will not sit at a single discussion table with #Syria unless Damascus releases prisoners of war. #Sadat agreed to liberate all Israeli detainees in early October, as part of the six-point agreement to ensure aid shipments reach the besieged third army. Americans did not ask Syria to go as far as possible on this issue. But, proof of goodwill, Damascus had to release the wounded from Israeli detainees in Syrian prisons, and allow the ICRC to visit the rest of them.
Once a final agreement has been reached, Syria has released all Israelis detained since October 1973. Kissinger indicated, if Assad’s approval, this would provide the United States of America with an argument to use in its forthcoming talks with Israelis But Assad categorically rejected the request, saying it’s too early to discuss a topic like this, and Kissinger reminded that his trust in Israelis is non-existent. Regardless of any debate regarding the issue of prisoners of war, Syria’s participation in the #Geneva _ Conference is contingent upon reaching an agreement on the topic of separation of forces, Assad has emphasized that this must be achieved before and not after the conference. And #Assad wouldn’t have given up the prisoner of war paper as simple as that to start discussions or just to satisfy Americans. The Geneva talks were a waste of time and credibility for the Syrian president, neither he wanted those talks nor the Syrian people wanted them.
Kissinger said if the conference collapses, or if it is never held, it will make it a joke for the international community. The lion interrupted him saying: ′′ This is not a personal matter Dr. Kissinger. War, peace, and occupation are things that must be dealt with with absolute clarity, otherwise any misunderstanding of it will lead to a disaster “.
Afterwards, the parties discussed a final option, as Kissinger suggested he arrange pre-conference talks between Syrian and Israeli officers to discuss the topics of separation of troops and prisoners of war. However, Kissinger warned that talks can succeed, the Israeli s’ stimulus to attend the conference will become small because the next debate will be to consider their withdrawal to pre-war lines.
The lion again took down this subtraction, refusing the idea of dividing the #Arabs, unaware of Sadat’s true intentions.
It seemed clear that conversations reached a dead end. Kissinger wanted the conference but wasn’t able or willing to give the lion anything concrete in return. Six years after the breakdown of relations, Assad’s confidence in his American interlocutors was small, plus his confidence in Sadat was fading quickly. Assad suggested Kissinger look back at the map to try to find answers or solutions saying: ′′ People call you American politics engineer, and this is not a complicated issue “.
Kissinger replied: ′′ It took four years to settle
The conflict in #Vietnam “. seems to have been upset about the excessive expectations of the Arabs of his diplomacy, perhaps due to his amazing reputation of opening up to China and ending the Vietnam War.
This blind Arab trust in Kissinger, which he has taken advantage of without hesitation, will reflect devastating results in the coming months or years.
From the book ′′ The Brink of the Abyss ′′ #Homeland _ Document ′′
Historic narrative of #Hafez _ Assad and Henry Kissinger’s discussions
Dr. #Bathina _ Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic