Assad knew from his long experience, as an army officer and Minister of Defense, that Israel worries about the presence of the Syrian armed forces

Bouthaina Shaaban

Second round in Damascus.. Last part..
..Egypt quit the battle..
Assad knew from his long experience, as an army officer and Minister of Defense, that #Israel worries about the presence of the Syrian armed forces with artillery and tanks on the hills overlooking the plain of the hill of the testicular lands on the occupied west side of the #Golan plateau But looking at the bigger picture, Assad knew Israel was not interested in a few kilometers, and its leaders wanted to achieve ′′ Greater Israel from Euphrates to Nile “.
Assad #Kissinger stated that the Israeli Defense Minister #MosheDayan said in his first speech after the six-day war: ′′ We are the founding generation, we have succeeded in reaching the 1967 border, and you 1967nd generation have the task of reaching the border. Greater Israel “. So Syria realizes that because of these ambitions that the Israelis did not hide, Israel will not withdraw from the occupied territories voluntarily.
Kissinger saw things differently, of course; he agreed with Assad that Israel became less inclined to abandon lands after the October War. When he met #GoldaMair after the war when he visited #US, Kissinger suggested that Israel withdraw to the 22 October line – ceasefire line. Meyer rejected this proposal and revoked her anger on Kissinger, and turned her back on him throughout the dinner the Israeli embassy in #Washington held in #Washington in honor, and then Kissinger commented jokingly:
′′ Her back is as beautiful as her face ′′ But since Kissinger’s diplomacy on the Egyptian front has paid off an agreement, ‘ continuing American pressure ‘, according to his claim, has pushed Meir to undo its intransigence.
Kissinger was willing to pledge to Assad that negotiations start on the Syrian front, he will do his best to prevent its failure. The last remaining obstacle, however, was Assad’s insistence on agreeing to determine the final results before the start of the negotiating process. Kissinger argued that in the Egyptian case he was already aware of the Egyptian demands and the ceiling of Israeli concessions, enabling him to intervene in the right time and place, but this did not apply to the Syrian talks. If he seemed to tend to the Syrian situation, Israel would quickly destroy him.
The best way to move forward, from Kissinger’s point of view, is to submit his proposal, then he mediates to bridge the gap. He proposed to Assad an honor agreement under which the US minister convey what only Syrians allow to the Israeli on the subject of separation of forces, and vice versa.
With this initial green light from the United States to start the Golan negotiations, Assad presented his position, and explained that Syria deposited three maps (which were not memorized in the Syrian archive) contain details of Syrian choices about separation of forces, and it is now Kissinger’s turn to see it.
Each map contained a suggestion not different from the previous one by more than five kilometers, but Syria would not accept less than what it considered as a minimum separation line. Assad found that there is no point in discussing the details of demilitarized zones and #mitigation zones, and the only guarantee without renewing the conflict in his view is international agreements. Before the October war, Israel dug a seventy-kilometre trench on the Golan Front and the Suez Canal displayed huge minefields in hopes of stopping Syrian tanks. However, on the first day of the war, seventy thousand Syrian soldiers crossed this trench, cleaned minefields and destroyed most of the Israeli fortifications, killed or captured their soldiers. Assad noticed that only American support prevented defeat Israel, not its fortifications.
Syria was ready to launch a counterattack to restore the occupied pocket during the war, but the plan was cancelled when Egypt accepted the ceasefire. Kissinger couldn’t stop himself from commenting on what Assad said and started asking about the reasons why Syria agreed to ceasefire.
The Syrian president replied with his highest voice: ′′ Egypt has left the battle! “.
The Syrian military command had told its Egyptian counterpart that preparations for an opposite attack are underway, and that the war must continue on both fronts, but Anwar Sadat hopes that Assad accepts a ceasefire before Egypt and Syria lose everything. But Assad refused, so Egypt acted alone, and declared acceptance of a ceasefire on 22 October 1973.
The Syrian leadership has realized that confrontation of Israel without Egypt, especially in the light of the American air bridge carrying massive amounts of weapons and equipment, is impossible, and accepted the ceasefire on the evening of October 23, 1973.
Al-Assad reminds of the bitterness of what happened back then ′′ Sadat told me on the phone that there are guarantees from the two superpowers that Israel will withdraw from the occupied Arab territories, and of course restoring lands without the continuation of the war is the best option. ′′
From the book ′′ The Brink of the Abyss ′′ #Homeland _ Document ′′
Historic narrative of #Hafez _ Assad and Henry Kissinger’s discussions
Dr. #Bathina _ Shaaban, special advisor to the presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic

I didn’t really know my father—he left my mother and me when I was two years old, and only traveled from Kenya to visit us once

Barack Obama

I didn’t really know my father—he left my mother and me when I was two years old, and only traveled from Kenya to visit us once, when I was ten. That trip was the first and last I saw of him; after that, I heard from him only through the occasional letter, written on thin blue airmail paper that was preprinted to fold and address without an envelope.

His short visit had a profound impact on my life. My father gave me my first basketball and introduced me to jazz. But for the most part, the visit left me with more questions than it answered, and I knew I would have to figure out how to be a man on my own.
In our latest conversation on Renegades: Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen
and I explore the topic of masculinity and the influence that our fathers—both flawed role models—had on our lives. We also talk about the message American culture sends to boys about what it means to be a man—a message that too often emphasizes physical toughness over sensitivity; the need to dominate over the ability to love and care for others. Listen now on Spotify:

Nixon administration was under the ramifications of Watergate and Senator Jackson’s pressure

Source: Bouthaina Shaaban

Second round in Damascus.. Part two..
At this time, the Nixon administration was under the ramifications of Watergate and Senator Jackson’s pressure, who disrupted the American administration’s quest to give the Soviet Union preferential treatment in the commercial field, which was part of the reconciliation policy by which I want to ease tensions between The two great powers.
Jackson’s stated goal was to put pressure on the Soviet leadership to allow Jewish immigration from the #Soviet _ Union, supported by the Jewish lobby in #Washington. But the main goal of his campaign was to break the entire policy of reconciliation and not to paralyze American diplomacy in the Middle East.
Kissinger has adopted a step policy – a step and separating peace paths from the previous determination and determination, not in response to the pressure of the Jewish lobby or the Democratic Party. The only negative effect of #Jackson’s campaign is
Destroying the reconciliation process will lead to Soviet intransigence that the Soviet leadership attempts to disrupt American politics in the Middle East, but this did not happen during the Syrian negotiations. In addition, it is true that the Jewish lobby hated seeing Israel under pressure to withdraw from the #Golan full of settlers. But at that stage of negotiations, Americans were not asking Israelis to make any major withdrawal from the Golan, nor were the Israelis against the idea of a complete withdrawal, as they agreed to a wider withdrawal during kilometre 101 negotiations with Egyptians in November 1973 Bigger than Kissinger offered in three months separation talks.
They’ve been accepting partial withdrawals, contrary to what Kissinger claimed. Yet #Assad seemed convinced of this excuse, he even warned Kissinger that ′′ new Watergate ′′ was in the process.
At that moment, an idea entrenched in Assad’s mind is that the Jewish lobby stands behind the Watergate scandal to prevent Nixon from imposing a comprehensive settlement on Israel. This theory was reinforced when the Water Gate Nixon scandal prompted to resign two months after his visit to Damascus in June 1974, in which the US president explained what Assad pledged this president to work on a comprehensive Middle East settlement All the occupied Arab territories are restored.
Assad will still hold on to this idea in the next two decades despite the change in U.S. Departments, as 1991 said to the U.S. Secretary of State James Baker: ′′ After our meeting Nixon made a statement that his insight is identical to what the United Nations said about This is the struggle. Then he went back to the US and Wattergate suddenly Nixon disappeared and launched a quick campaign, and we believe this has a fundamental relationship with his stance on peace in the region.
From the book ′′ The Brink of the Abyss ′′ #Homeland _ Document ′′
Historic narrative of #Hafez _ Assad and Henry Kissinger’s discussions
Dr. #Bathina _ Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, p. 67.

Despite Assad’s explosive reaction to the Egyptian-Israeli bilateral agreement, his accent remained friendly throughout his meeting with Kissinger

Source: Bouthaina Shaaban

Second round in Damascus.. Part..
Despite Assad’s explosive reaction to the Egyptian-Israeli bilateral agreement, his accent remained friendly throughout his meeting with Kissinger. Contrary to #Sadat, #Kissinger moved to the Kindergarten Palace and was not left at the airport. But Assad did not try to hide his anger towards the Egyptian agreement. His first concern was the impact that the single Egyptian deal will have on the Syrian people, who used to trust Egypt in the past and is watching it slowly drift into the American Israeli orbit. Not only did this affect the morale of the people, but also made the cooperation between #Damascus and #Cairo in the future, if we don’t say the coalition, almost impossible.
Assad didn’t hide the fact that he said to the gentlemen that no matter how heavy the besieged third army is, he must not move towards a single agreement with #Israel. Kissinger tried to absorb Assad’s anger saying the Israeli-Egyptian agreement is good for the collective Arab Front, because it forced Israel for the first time in its history to withdraw from Arab lands.
With the completion of the disengagement agreement in #Sinai, a similar agreement can now be reached on the Syrian Golan plateau. He pledged to exert the same influence he exerted in the Egyptian talks, without going into any details. But the lion was not convinced.
Kissinger couldn’t move the Syrian president, again complaining about the pressure put on him by the Jewish lobbyist in the United States, and Democratic Senator #HenryJackson, where Kissinger blamed it for preventing serious penetration in the peace process, for this Lobby not Syria.
Kissinger claimed that whenever he and #Nixon try to take a new initiative in the Middle East, ′′ new accusations “. he of course hinted at the Watergate scandal and its repercussions that shook the Nixon administration from the work of the Jewish lobby and American supporters Israel. Kissinger also claimed that if he went too far in the relationship with Syria, a new scandal would have been knitted around him, so he is forced to proceed with the step-step policy.
From the book ′′ The Brink of the Abyss ′′ #Homeland _ Document ′′
Historic narrative of #Hafez _ Assad and Henry Kissinger’s discussions
Dr. #Bathina _ Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, p. 66

Jaylin is still fighting to survive and Andy and Josh were shot and killed by an open bigot just 2 weeks ago. ⁣ ⁣ These families are devastated beyond words

Shaun King

Let me tell you a story tonight about my hero, @LeeMerrittEsq. ⁣

That’s him, with the mothers of Jaylin, Andy, and Josh in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jaylin is still fighting to survive and Andy and Josh were shot and killed by an open bigot just 2 weeks ago. ⁣

These families are devastated beyond words. Tonight @GrassrootsLaw was able to pay the rent and bills for all three of these mothers for at least the next few months. Thank you to a generous donor for helping us make this happen. ⁣

Lee travels all over this country for nearly 250 days a year to let mothers just like this know that he will help carry their burdens and grief and he let’s them know that they aren’t alone. ⁣

Lee has to have the hardest conversations you can ever imagine with these families. He has to ask questions that nobody ever wants to ask. He often has to visit morgues and oversee autopsies. ⁣

He has to visit the scenes of the most heinous hate crimes and police murders in the nation – even recreating them to help him understand how to help these families find some semblance of justice. ⁣

Daily, he wades through blood, murder, and grief… for us. ⁣

And he also does this for me. ⁣

He is my closest partner in the world in this work and has been for years now. ⁣

We have very different skills but an almost identical worldview and sometimes operate as one brain on cases for families, but while I make these cases known to the world, and organize our staff and organizers @GrassrootsLaw to do what we do…⁣

He does the hardest work and carries the heaviest load. ⁣

Brother – I love you like blood and will have your back until the wheels fall off. Even if they do fall off, I’ll still be there homie. ⁣

Thank you for being there for the families that this racist country chews up and spits out. ⁣

You are my peer hero. ⁣


China State Council Media Office will release in the near future a report on #human rights violations in the United States in 2020, and that this #document will show the turmoil of American democracy that sparked Political chaos, ethnic mi

Bouthaina Shaaban

A political media mechanism
I was very happy when I read in 2/3/2021 that the China State Council Media Office will release in the near future a report on #human rights violations in the United States in 2020, and that this #document will show the turmoil of American democracy that sparked Political chaos, ethnic minorities experiencing racial discrimination, ongoing social unrest threatening public security, and increasing polarization between rich and poor has exacerbated social inequality. Nor will the document overlook the fact that the United States hit the wall with international norms that resulted in humanitarian disasters.
I was happy that this move represents the transition from defense to attacking, remembering the wise saying that ′′ attack is the best way of defense “; Despite the obvious difference between values and ethical standards between the US and #China, in favor of China Of course, the United States remains in the position of the attacker and prosecutor defending human rights and people’s freedom, whether in #China, Russia, #Syria, #Iran, #Venezuela or anywhere in the #world.
Also in this regard, the Chinese ambassador to Syria, Mr. Fiang Biao wrote an important article in the #Syrian _ Watan _ Newspaper entitled ′′ Framing accusations with malicious intent.. Domination that will not find an echo ′′ on 1/3/2021 to be entrusted Karith Porter and Max Blumenthal’s essay on China’s Xinjiang Province where the article proves that it is full of contradictions, reality and truth but in a polite and convincing manner and a narrative full of ancient and modern Chinese wisdom. He is right when he confirmed that the truth will remain true and that the paper will not cover the fire. Mr. #FiangBiao’s essay is full of figures that prove every phrase he writes and every judgement he releases, unlike those who press charges against China; that style full of suspicions, suspicions and suspicions.
In the same context, the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. #Sergey _ Lavrov spoke in a press conference in 3/2/2021 about the West deliberately showing some aspects of the issue and hiding the most important aspects of it that the audience does not know or does not remember, and how the media coverage For any hypocritical Russian opponents focused on police reactions, while readers and viewers do not know that western laws dealing with protesters are more cruel than Russian laws, let alone say that the outroar raised by the West in the Navalny case is originally within Interfering in the internal affairs of states which is not allowed according to international law and law.
The conclusion of the Lavrov conference deserved a prolonged quote for the purpose of the idea I’m trying to address here; Lavrov said: ′′ I understand those who want #Russia to be more assertive in its response to Western leaders. In our political and diplomatic culture we are not used to resort to impolite words, we are polite people and used to achieving our goals in a civilized and civilized way, and as we say God is not in #power but in fact, we also have a good example It is useful to remember him: Honey is sweet but the bee stings. Those who interpret our polite behaviour as a sign of weakness make a big mistake “.
All these examples see a difference in culture and ethics between East and West for the benefit of the East of course, but there is also a difference in working mechanisms, promotion, tactics and treatment that the West adopted decades ago that the #East still lacks and this is a home The poem of what I write today; the West has hundreds of research centers that do their tasks to put ideas, create controversy and create blindness so that it is not easy for the average reader to release the relief from the fat and decide which news is important and which analysis is The most important thing.
Then these centers and their tools manufactures terms and ideas and have a marketing machine that blinds the world and blinds the eyes of some, and they have their tools that are betting on them for one reason or another that automatically publishes what is exported to them On a large scale, it also deals with the news or what it wants to promote from different walks and with different pens and repeats it, while the East believes that you spoke the truth once and that the world heard it and must understand it and will act according to this understanding The media mechanisms in the West do not put weight on the truth but focus on the efficiency of the promotion of what is being presented, and if we take the example of the Chinese #Xinjiang case or the Russian #Navalny case, although both cases have been distorted in the western media Lies and illicit intervention never on internal issues, the size of the western media that dealt with these two issues is too large even compared to the Chinese and Russian media who tried to stop or refute these attacks.
We are still in #polite Eastern culture; it all depends on truth and facts while the West depends on the promo and skilled marketing of lies so it can be imprinted in the minds of recipients as if it were truth. So we find the promotion of news that confirms the dominance of the West and its so-called ′′ democracy “, This is not an important, scientific and true promotion of any document of our rights and facts emanating from our land that amounts to no doubt
For example, the International Court of Justice finally decided after decades to consider Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, and this news remains an orphan to look for while it was news in favor of Zionist circles, the media would be busy with it. Night and night and time.
Is it possible that news of such importance after half a century of heinous crimes and commits against an entire people who don’t fast the world’s ears for its importance and marketing the Palestinian right through it?!
What we have to focus on today if in China, Russia, Palestine, Syria, Iran and Venezuela are the media and political action mechanisms, the importance of research centers, the importance of formulating and making news by us, and the transition also to attack, not to base Polite methods of defense, in this regard, that what is going on in the West should be put under a microscope and that revealing lights on Western and Zionist racism that continues to practice the ugliest types of racism against indigenous people everywhere. Is it possible that the United States is concerned with the security of ′′ Israel ′′ in the region without rising voices deafening its ears from the importance of all Arabs and that whoever tries to achieve the security of ′′ Israel ′′ must see the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples and achieve Security is for them, otherwise there is no security for an aggressor, an occupier and a terrorist at the expense of the security and destiny of others.
There is a great thinking and action volume on the media and politically level, and I am glad that China has started and we must cooperate and join together and continue on this path until the current equation turns over and becomes the prevailing of right and facts in media and politics.

Office of the Spokesperson, Mofa Pakistan· Foreign Minister’s Message on International Women’s Day 2021

Office of the Spokesperson, Mofa Pakistan


Foreign Minister’s Message on International Women’s Day 2021
Today, we join the international community in celebrating International Women’s Day. It is an occasion to celebrate the progress made in empowering women, and to reaffirm our collective resolve for redoubling efforts to further advance respect for women’s rights.

Pakistan fully supports this year’s theme of International Women’s Day: “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” During the testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic, women in Pakistan demonstrated remarkable resilience and leadership, effectively contributing to our nation’s response and recovery. Women stood at the front lines, as health care workers, primary caregivers, innovators, human rights defenders and community organizers. Under the guidance of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan’s landmark Ehsaas emergency cash program to counter the negative socio-economic impacts of the pandemic is being ably led by a woman.
The Constitution of Pakistan upholds the equal status of women. We have made significant advancements in empowering women politically, economically and socially, including through progressive legislative, policy, institutional and administrative measures. Ensuring broad-based inclusion of women’s rights in every sphere and at all levels is one of the key priorities of our Government. At the international fora, Pakistan’s voice has always resonated in favour of women empowerment and gender equality. During the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Pakistan’s delegate, Begum Shaista Ikramullah, played an active role in the inclusion of Article 16 for the equal rights of men and women to marry and to found family.
Despite our socio-economic challenges, the number of women in key leadership positions has risen steadily in Pakistan. We have had a female Prime Minister, the youngest Nobel Prize winner, the Governor of the State Bank, the Speaker of the National Assembly and numerous women Ministers, Ambassadors, Judges and high-ranking civil servants and diplomats. Our women fly fighter jets, serve as UN Peacekeepers, and one of them is now a three-star General in the military. As a nation, we honour and salute their role and contribution to the society and State of Pakistan.
As we commemorate this day, we cannot forget the plight of women in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). Over the last seven decades, they have endured the worst forms of human rights abuse and oppression at the hands of Indian occupation forces including sexual violence, rape and molestation. These human rights violations have been extensively documented by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in the two Kashmir reports of 2018 and 2019 as well as in various communications and public pronouncements of UN Special Procedures Mandate Holders. The international community must take cognizance of these serious crimes and hold India accountable.
The road to women empowerment and gender equality is a long one. Pakistan’s direction, commitment and actions are clear. We will continue to resolutely pursue the full realization of women’s rights, mindful of the challenges, but resolved to further build on our achievements. Continue reading “Office of the Spokesperson, Mofa Pakistan· Foreign Minister’s Message on International Women’s Day 2021”

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Goes Up in Popularity Worldwide While Opposition Goes Down In Contempt

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Goes Up in Popularity Worldwide While Opposition Goes Further Down In Contempt.

  Resolution passed. Vote of confidence won by PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the government has decided to bring electoral reforms to ensure complete transparency in elections.
Speaking in the National Assembly on Saturday after winning the vote of confidence, he said electronic voting machines will be introduced so that nobody could raise fingers on the credibility of the elections and that the results are acceptable to all.

He said it is also our effort that the Overseas Pakistanis also get their right to franchise.
Expressing apprehension over the malpractices in the recently held Senate elections, the Prime Minister asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to get briefing from the agencies as to how much money was used to purchase votes.

He clarified that his concerns on the Senate elections were not aimed at doing away with the independence of Election Commission of Pakistan.
The Prime Minister once again categorically stated that he will not give NRO to the corrupt elements even though the opposition continues its pressure tactics for the purpose.

He highlighted the importance building the nation on the principles of justice and rule of law on the pattern of the state of Madina.
Describing corruption as one of the biggest issues of the country, the Prime Minister said the entire society will have to fight against this menace to secure the future of coming generations. He underlined the need for improving moral standards of the nation to check this nuisance.
Imran Khan vowed to continue his efforts in this direction and also assured his government’s every possible assistance to the judiciary and the NAB for early conclusion of the corruption cases so that the corrupt elements are punished.
He regretted that billions of rupees were plundered by the previous rulers. He said former President Pervez Musharraf committed a mistake by giving NRO to the leadership of the PML-N and the PPP.
Referring to the performance of the government, the Prime Minister said Pakistan has achieved economic stability and reached the stage to move forward. He said the Current Account Deficit remained surplus for the five months for the first time in seventeen years. This happened regardless of the breakout of Covid-19 which adversely impacted economies around the world.
The Prime Minister said there has been a record increase in remittances. Our focus is now on bringing investment in the country and bolster exports . He said the number of companies registered with the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan indicates that people are ready to invest in the country. He, however pointed out that our biggest issue is the expansive power contracts signed in the past. He said we are working to reduce burden on the masses in this regard. He said the agreement signed with the IPPs will also help save money.

Imran Khan said the government has launched mega projects such as Ravi City, Business Center Lahore and Bundal island for the wealth creation to retire the debt. He said these projects will not only bring investments in the country but also go a long way in protecting the environment and develop cities on modern lines.
Regarding inflation, the Prime Minister said efforts are afoot to reduce the burden on the people. He said that the lower strata of society will be given subsidies in the days to come. Under Ehsaas program, direct funds will be transferred to them.
The Prime Minister said the government will soon launch a program to ensure that nobody sleeps hungry. He appreciated the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for extending health insurance to every household in the province. He said the Punjab government also targets to reach every family by the end of this year.
The Prime Minister said a mega program is also being introduced for the farmers to enhance the agri productivity. Cooperation in this regard has also been sought from China.
Imran Khan said given the immense potential Pakistan including its human resource dividend, nobody can stop the country from moving forward. He said the potential of the youth will be exploited including through their technical training.

Foreign Minister’s telephone call with Norwegian Foreign Minister Ms. Ine Eriksen Søreide. Office of the Spokesperson, Mofa Pakistan

  Zahid-Hafeez-Chaudhri.  Office of the Spokesperson, Mofa Pakistan

Foreign Minister’s telephone call with Norwegian Foreign Minister Ms. Ine Eriksen Søreide. Office of the Spokesperson, Mofa Pakistan

Foreign Minister’s telephone call with Norwegian Foreign Minister Ms. Ine Eriksen Søreide. Office of the Spokesperson, Mofa Pakistan
Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi had a telephone call with Foreign Minister of Norway Ine Eriksen Søreide. Matters relating to bilateral, regional and international importance including Afghanistan and Covid-19 situation were discussed. The two Foreign Ministers also exchanged views on enhancing cooperation in diverse sectors such as trade, investment and clean energy.
The Foreign Minister appreciated the growing business relations between Pakistan and Norway and expressed satisfaction at Norwegian investment in Pakistan. The Foreign Minister of Norway appreciated the role of Government of Pakistan in facilitating the signing of solar power project between Scatec and Nizam Energy. She also lauded the constructive role of Norwegians of Pakistani origin in the economic development of Norway.
On Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Qureshi underscored that there was no military solution to the conflict. The Foreign Minister briefed his Norwegian counterpart on Pakistan’s positive contribution to the Afghan peace process and expressed the hope that the Afghan leaders would seize this historic opportunity to secure an inclusive, broad-based and comprehensive political settlement.
Pakistan highly values its relations with Norway which is home to one of the largest Pakistani diasporas in Europe. The telephone call between the two Foreign Ministers was part of the regular high-level exchanges between the two sides.
4 March 2021