The war was on #Syria because it is the duration of the Arab crown, and the world to a new regime.

Bouthaina Shaaban

Dr. #Bathina _ Shaaban in a United Nations session entitled:
′′ Arab International Forum to lift the siege on Syria ′′

The war was on #Syria because it is the duration of the Arab crown, and the world to a new regime.
Dr. Bethaina Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, has confirmed that the West claims to have no basis for human life and that the Western media has some concepts to cover up its crimes against peoples.

This came from an English paper submitted by Dr. Shaaban in a United Nations session featuring figures from the five continents that came to complete the work of the International Arab Forum to lift the siege on Syria.
And I showed Dr. Shaaban that since 2011 Syria has fought a dual war in which the West used its most fierce tools to confirm its explicit and colonial strategy towards peoples, and explained that the West and its side the Zionist entity have undertaken this war On Syria for being the crown in the Arab world.
She added Dr. Shaaban, the positive thing is that Syria has established a new multipolar international order, and the sanctions imposed by America on Syria, Russia, China and Iran are implied by Washington’s concern over the upcoming international variable that will end its sovereignty On the world.
Participants contributed by discussing what was stated in the paper of Dr. Shaaban, the timing of this qualitative meeting comes on the eve of #Jerusalem International Day to confirm the unity of the battle at the nation, region and world level against the colonial Western Zionist project.
US, Australia, and Europe speakers have confirmed that the US violence against the Syrian people through unjust sanctions is the same as against indigenous people, Afro-descendants or dark skinned people, and everyone called on To global solidarity to lift sanctions against Syria and to put an end to the use of these coercive measures by the West, which are a breach of international law and ethics.
And Dr. has answered Sha ‘ ban for the questions of attendance and their discussion in their thoughts and thanks for greeting the Syrian people and the Syrian leadership and their distinguished interest in the situation in Syria.