In a telephone contact with President #Putin, Chinese President #XiJinbing emphasized that #China and #Russia should strengthen their strategic partnership


A new age for humanity
In a telephone contact with President #Putin, Chinese President #XiJinbing emphasized that #China and #Russia should strengthen their strategic partnership to build a new era for humanity and deepen cooperation to counter external interference in their affairs. Jinping also emphasized that countries play a pivotal role to unite the international community and overcome the difficulties.
This came on August 26, 2021, days after the American withdrawal from #Afghanistan and the rebounds of this withdrawal on the valuable thinking system of relations between countries and the impact of this withdrawal on the credibility of words and actions we have read and witnessed All of them for the last 20 years.
All statements and attitudes made by #Washington and its allies about all the events, bombings and security situation in Afghanistan prove beyond doubt that all the US administration aims to ensure the safety of its soldiers and citizens without loan Any interest in what happened to this country twenty years after its occupation, tampering with its affairs and looting its abilities under arguments and pretexts that have proved to be flimsy today and that it is just a cover for stealing lithium and gold and everything that is good in this region Of the bounties The world sees and hears everything that is happening and is said to remember the American role in #Vietnam, #Iraq, #Libya, #Yemen and #Syria, and is more and more sure that the western colonial powers deplete the bounties of peoples and destroy the countries of the world and ruin The lifestyle of peoples of the girl of human civilizations when the West was darkening ignorance and intolerance, and Western colonization invades these safe countries in hopes of becoming its belongings and rephrasing itself.
From this point of view and with the sure conviction that no one believes in an ethical and objective western leadership of nations and peoples, Chinese President talks with President Putin about the importance of ′′ building a new era for humanity “, an era that all countries and peoples contribute; every According to his abilities, history, and civilization, without becoming a copy of the other, and without asking for a single model of governance and behavior as colonial regimes have tried to do over the past decades. But regional gatherings must also recognize this stage and new strategies for a new phase that draws on lessons of the past, stabilizes the future, and contributes to making it with all the might.
It’s not enough for China, Russia, Shanghai, and #BRICS to formulate the foundations and regimes of the new world because the West did not leave the conflict circuit and will continue its desperate attempts to keep its power bigger A possible space from the world, on its terms, according to its interests, with the renewal of its tools in proportion to the current stage, the adoption of the principle of penetration, the re-prioritization, the use of soft tools, economic pressures, and the technical and cognitive advantages it has to maintain On the upper hand in areas that have strategic value for his interests in the world.
At this stage, every country and every regional gathering has a bold stand with self, orientation, compass and desired goals in the next phase because it is indeed a new era and tools that we have experienced in the past. As an Arab woman, I consider the fate of every Arab associated with the fate of his nation, I often wonder: Where is our nation from this important and dangerous intersection? What is the work underway today to formulate a future that suits our civilization, history, and the abilities of our children who enrich the course of humanity with their contributions and creativity everywhere, least in our Arab countries.
The first condition for determining the compass is the clarity of vision and the dust of all floating and vague theses originally aimed at continuing the lost so that no one can seriously engage in building a strong stable country that does not affect the destructive winds nor external targets. Those engaged in this noble mission must first and foremost be convinced that the West is inherently colonial and racist and that all its relationship with us is looting our good deeds, exploiting our geographical position and weakening our abilities for the benefit of our enemies in the region and The world and turning us into a dreadful people doesn’t twist anything, and trying to appease this West and convince him that we are equal in humanity has never and will never succeed because his racism against us is inherent in his capitalist system, oriental literature and manners His approach and his outlook for us.
The second condition that should be present in this attempt is that the Arab nation will only join together and alliance its people and that any Arab country will not be able to build a national force to be reckoned with, especially The Arabic language, cultural, civilizational and valuable ties qualify them for a common Arab action that pays its food quickly and benefits all its participants.
The third condition is to believe that the common Arab action that has prevailed between the Arab countries since #independence until today did not produce the desired results and did not change the reality of the Arabs, so we must think in a new way and methods that keep pace with the latest The world’s experiences in this field and benefit from the latest techniques to rebuild and trendy, which are not subject to mood, emergency or stage, but rather a sustainable relationship is a solid basis for the benefit of the Arab people, the region and the world.
The beginning of this new era, which curtained all the claimed benefits of western liberal democracy and showed for the thousandth time that the lives and interests of peoples mean nothing to them, requires ensuring the durability of the internal structure and regional and international cooperation on common grounds and systems of values drawn These peoples have common sense of their experiences and history and have decided to lay their foundations and adopt them as a way of work and life for future generations to guarantee them true sovereignty, dignity and independence.
No doubt the whole world is hungry for such a beginning, but it needs boldness, hard work, and absolute belief that this trend is the compulsory passage of a planet of goodness and peace.