I promise you, as President, Islam gonna be treated like, it should be…

I promise you, as President, Islam gonna be treated like, it should be… Like every other major confessional faith.


Joe Biden I’m confident that we will emerge victorious. But this will not be my victory alone. It will be a victory for the American people



Jon Lansman Not for The Many but the Few.

Jon Lansman 3rd Place?


Labour NEC election. Top three positions are as follows:

1st Place, Yasmine Dar            88,176

2nd Place, Claudia Webbe       83,797

3rd Place, Jon Lansman            83,072               It may have something to do with his new found leanings to the right.


Labour NEC election results make a startling revelation, Jon Lansman came in 3rd place. That means he has lost his popularity and position as a leader this vote was before Momentum members found out he back stabbed Jeremy Corbyn. Think its time for Jon Lansman to step down or call out an election. His popularity will have further been reduced after the adoption of IHRA definitions in full.

“@jonlansman on Twitter

Margaret Hodge’s latest OTT intervention makes our task clear: (1) Do what we must to rebuild trust in the Jewish Community & move on (2) Transform the party – democracy, accountability, a mass movement (3) Stop the Tory Brexit ‘plan’, force a general election & transform Britain”


And what about other minorities Jon?     Where is the accountability for them?

For M Hodge’s OTT you would stop and go against the wishes of majority? Because that’s what you did during the NEC meeting. In arguing for the full adaption of IHRA code you failed to address very serious Muslim concerns on IHRA. Momentum members want to know why?  We wish to see the figures for your mandate in this case that  may have compelled you to argue for the case you did.

Any leader carries and argues mandatory, majority and not the few.  But that was Not the Case.