Monitoring India. Persecution  and Ethnic Cleansing Has Started.    India’s War Against Muslims

Persecution  and Ethnic Cleansing has Started.   Monitoring India.  India’s War Against Muslims has Moved in to The Next but a Very Dangerous  Phase.

Hindutva has invented a new term and totally fake known as  “Love Jihad”. Government of India actively supports hate and incitement against minorities.  Legislation by RSS backed BJP has lately been targeting Muslims. Unfair, racist policy being enshrined in laws.

Monitoring India. India’s War Against Muslims Aims To Persecute and Ethnically Cleanse.

“If you marry a Muslim Girl, you get Rs 2.5 Lacs plus 6 month’s food and accommodation with security”

Extremism in Hindu children is widespread.  Solid radicalisation of young girls and boys.  Children as young as 5 are being enrolled in special classes where they are taught combat, Segregation and Hate against all minorities including Dalits