China State Council Media Office will release in the near future a report on #human rights violations in the United States in 2020, and that this #document will show the turmoil of American democracy that sparked Political chaos, ethnic mi

Bouthaina Shaaban

A political media mechanism
I was very happy when I read in 2/3/2021 that the China State Council Media Office will release in the near future a report on #human rights violations in the United States in 2020, and that this #document will show the turmoil of American democracy that sparked Political chaos, ethnic minorities experiencing racial discrimination, ongoing social unrest threatening public security, and increasing polarization between rich and poor has exacerbated social inequality. Nor will the document overlook the fact that the United States hit the wall with international norms that resulted in humanitarian disasters.
I was happy that this move represents the transition from defense to attacking, remembering the wise saying that ′′ attack is the best way of defense “; Despite the obvious difference between values and ethical standards between the US and #China, in favor of China Of course, the United States remains in the position of the attacker and prosecutor defending human rights and people’s freedom, whether in #China, Russia, #Syria, #Iran, #Venezuela or anywhere in the #world.
Also in this regard, the Chinese ambassador to Syria, Mr. Fiang Biao wrote an important article in the #Syrian _ Watan _ Newspaper entitled ′′ Framing accusations with malicious intent.. Domination that will not find an echo ′′ on 1/3/2021 to be entrusted Karith Porter and Max Blumenthal’s essay on China’s Xinjiang Province where the article proves that it is full of contradictions, reality and truth but in a polite and convincing manner and a narrative full of ancient and modern Chinese wisdom. He is right when he confirmed that the truth will remain true and that the paper will not cover the fire. Mr. #FiangBiao’s essay is full of figures that prove every phrase he writes and every judgement he releases, unlike those who press charges against China; that style full of suspicions, suspicions and suspicions.
In the same context, the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. #Sergey _ Lavrov spoke in a press conference in 3/2/2021 about the West deliberately showing some aspects of the issue and hiding the most important aspects of it that the audience does not know or does not remember, and how the media coverage For any hypocritical Russian opponents focused on police reactions, while readers and viewers do not know that western laws dealing with protesters are more cruel than Russian laws, let alone say that the outroar raised by the West in the Navalny case is originally within Interfering in the internal affairs of states which is not allowed according to international law and law.
The conclusion of the Lavrov conference deserved a prolonged quote for the purpose of the idea I’m trying to address here; Lavrov said: ′′ I understand those who want #Russia to be more assertive in its response to Western leaders. In our political and diplomatic culture we are not used to resort to impolite words, we are polite people and used to achieving our goals in a civilized and civilized way, and as we say God is not in #power but in fact, we also have a good example It is useful to remember him: Honey is sweet but the bee stings. Those who interpret our polite behaviour as a sign of weakness make a big mistake “.
All these examples see a difference in culture and ethics between East and West for the benefit of the East of course, but there is also a difference in working mechanisms, promotion, tactics and treatment that the West adopted decades ago that the #East still lacks and this is a home The poem of what I write today; the West has hundreds of research centers that do their tasks to put ideas, create controversy and create blindness so that it is not easy for the average reader to release the relief from the fat and decide which news is important and which analysis is The most important thing.
Then these centers and their tools manufactures terms and ideas and have a marketing machine that blinds the world and blinds the eyes of some, and they have their tools that are betting on them for one reason or another that automatically publishes what is exported to them On a large scale, it also deals with the news or what it wants to promote from different walks and with different pens and repeats it, while the East believes that you spoke the truth once and that the world heard it and must understand it and will act according to this understanding The media mechanisms in the West do not put weight on the truth but focus on the efficiency of the promotion of what is being presented, and if we take the example of the Chinese #Xinjiang case or the Russian #Navalny case, although both cases have been distorted in the western media Lies and illicit intervention never on internal issues, the size of the western media that dealt with these two issues is too large even compared to the Chinese and Russian media who tried to stop or refute these attacks.
We are still in #polite Eastern culture; it all depends on truth and facts while the West depends on the promo and skilled marketing of lies so it can be imprinted in the minds of recipients as if it were truth. So we find the promotion of news that confirms the dominance of the West and its so-called ′′ democracy “, This is not an important, scientific and true promotion of any document of our rights and facts emanating from our land that amounts to no doubt
For example, the International Court of Justice finally decided after decades to consider Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, and this news remains an orphan to look for while it was news in favor of Zionist circles, the media would be busy with it. Night and night and time.
Is it possible that news of such importance after half a century of heinous crimes and commits against an entire people who don’t fast the world’s ears for its importance and marketing the Palestinian right through it?!
What we have to focus on today if in China, Russia, Palestine, Syria, Iran and Venezuela are the media and political action mechanisms, the importance of research centers, the importance of formulating and making news by us, and the transition also to attack, not to base Polite methods of defense, in this regard, that what is going on in the West should be put under a microscope and that revealing lights on Western and Zionist racism that continues to practice the ugliest types of racism against indigenous people everywhere. Is it possible that the United States is concerned with the security of ′′ Israel ′′ in the region without rising voices deafening its ears from the importance of all Arabs and that whoever tries to achieve the security of ′′ Israel ′′ must see the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples and achieve Security is for them, otherwise there is no security for an aggressor, an occupier and a terrorist at the expense of the security and destiny of others.
There is a great thinking and action volume on the media and politically level, and I am glad that China has started and we must cooperate and join together and continue on this path until the current equation turns over and becomes the prevailing of right and facts in media and politics.