I sincerely congratulate Russian medical workers on their professional holiday, which the whole country celebrates with you today

Russian Foreign Ministry – МИД России

Vladimir Putin congratulated domestic workers and veterans on the Day of medical workers.
I sincerely congratulate Russian medical workers on their professional holiday, which the whole country celebrates with you today.
For all of us, for all citizens, this is an opportunity to say the warmest, heartfelt words to everyone who devoted themselves to a great noble mission – to treat people, to protect the most valuable things – human life and health.
This calling requires special mental qualities: mercy and responsiveness, and sometimes true courage, willingness to risk yourself to save others.
I understand well that many of you meet your holiday on duty, literally the word at a combat post. The fight against the coronavirus epidemic continues continuously, round the clock. She is led by those who rescue serious patients in intensive care and ′′ red zone ′′ hospitals, goes to emergency calls with ambulances.
In this difficult situation, it is coherently, clearly all the links of domestic health continue to work. Each of you works professionally and safely.
Special words would like to say to hospital and clinic workers who continue to provide planned assistance to people, to conduct appointments, to make the most difficult, sometimes unique operations. All the past months, you’ve actually been working for yourself and for your colleagues who fight the coronavirus, and despite such a burden, you’ve been doing your duty.
Sincerely thank you for your work and service to the people of general practice doctors, specialists, paramedics and junior medical staff, ambulance and sanitation teams, employees of medical services of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations and other departments, students, professors, teachers of medical colleges and universities, teams of leading scientific and practical centers and non-state health organizations.
Now our common task is to concentrate all efforts, all resources to protect citizens from coronavirus and its consequences. First of all, vaccination pace must be increased. We have all the possibilities for this. Russia today has four own vaccines against coronavirus, and the development of new vaccines and medicines continues.
And, of course, despite the complexity of the current situation, we need to expand the dispensary programs, provide timely assistance to patients with cardiovascular, cancer, endocrine and other diseases.
We will definitely continue to develop the entire healthcare system, including the primary link. We know his problems and, to solve them, launched regional programs for modernization of our clinics, city and district hospitals, FAPs.
They should be built on a new technology base, renovated buildings, equipped with modern therapeutic and diagnostic equipment, including computer tomographs.
The main result of modernization of the primary should be the confidence of people that they will always receive affordable, high-quality medical care everywhere, while doctors, paramedics, nurses – both in cities and rural areas – will work in modern, decent conditions.
Of course, the most important issue is pay, commensurate with the burden and responsibility of medical workers. During the epidemic, we especially support doctors, nurses, ambulances, who directly provide assistance to coronavirus patients. In total, almost one million two hundred thousand health workers received special payments. More than 350 billion rubles have already been allocated for this purpose. And I would like to point out today: these payments will be continued.
Certainly, your noble, hard work is always indispensable, and it must be fair and decent to pay. The new health care system should provide the same base salary sizes for all regions and beyond that, an understandable, transparent list of additional payments and allowances. We will definitely reflect and implement this modern model in dialogue with you, based on the proposals of the entire medical community of Russia.
Once again, happy holiday to you.
Thank you for your hard work, for your courage, loyalty to the profession and duty. Low bow to you, all your colleagues.
Good health and all the best