Henry Kissinger offered his vision for the forthcoming Geneva conference for peace, saying first and foremost, the conference must begin

Dr.Bouthaina Shaaban

Kissinger in Damascus.. GENEX conference..
Henry Kissinger offered his vision for the forthcoming Geneva conference for peace, saying first and foremost, the conference must begin, not because it will be solemn celebration, or because the opening would lead to any outcome, but the real goal of a conference #Peace is the introduction of the ′′ landscape ′′ and the legal framework within which the peace process can continue. Once we start there will be no turning back. During the performance of the inaugural session ceremony, the Conference will be divided into two stages.

In the first phase, the United States of America seeks to persuade Israelis one way or another to withdraw somewhere from the occupied Arab territories, thus achieving separation of forces. He pointed out that this would be difficult because Israel, throughout its history, has never backed down. If he can guarantee such a #withdrawal, that would be a great step, which would create a significant positive change in the psychological situation in the region, but Kissinger asserts that this withdrawal does not necessitate commitment to the decision ‘precise interpretations’ #Council United Nations Security Nos. 242 and 338, and judges for total withdrawal from all the occupied Arab territories. On the #Egyptian Front, Kissinger suggested an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank of the Suez Canal. He referred to the possibility of applying the same principle primarily on the Syrian side, saying: ′′ It is necessary to withdraw from Syrian territory in the first phase “.
Kissinger added that after reaching the above, negotiations could be moved to the next stage. The _ lion stayed reclined, silently listening without saying a word, waiting for Kissinger to finish his thoughtful theater scene with clear care. The US Secretary of State drew attention to the fact that such withdrawal would be more difficult to achieve on the Syrian Front than the Egyptian Front, because the Israelis ′′ really hate Syrians “.
The reason why the call for #conference was designed is so much headache for Americans in the past weeks, because #Israel refused to attend any meeting if the call message includes any indication of Palestinian representation. Kissinger discusses with Sadat Egypt’s president two solutions on the message, one of them stipulated that the call for ′′ participation of other parties ′′ in the first stage of the conference, and the second that the complicated message should be summarized to become a simple invitation to attend the conference without mentioning anyone from Participants including Palestinians.
Sadat in turn approved both formulas, provided #Damascus approval also. Kissinger Assad stated that Israel was eager to activate a #diplomatic fight and would gladly seek to thwart the conference because of the invitation letter. In addition to the Israeli s’ apathy towards such a conference that could lead them to serious concessions, they welcome any excuse for absenteeism. For six years, Israel has claimed the desire to negotiate with full knowledge that #Arabs will refuse.
Follow Kissinger complaining, but now that situations have changed, Israel is forced to move from words to actions, which has not been easy for #GoldenMair. Kissinger Assad appealed to agree to postpone the opening of the conference from 18 December to 21, to give him time to solve the dilemma of advocacy with the Israeli government.
Here Assad spoke, violating Kissinger’s obsession and talking about conference techniques and procedures, by saying:
′′ Our full stance on the peace conference depends on our conversation ′′
Today “.
From the book of the edge of the abyss ′′ Homeland Document ′′
Historic narrative of #Hafez _ Assad and Henry Kissinger’s discussions
Dr. #Bathina _ Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic