Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Goes Up in Popularity Worldwide While Opposition Goes Down In Contempt

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Goes Up in Popularity Worldwide While Opposition Goes Further Down In Contempt.

  Resolution passed. Vote of confidence won by PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the government has decided to bring electoral reforms to ensure complete transparency in elections.
Speaking in the National Assembly on Saturday after winning the vote of confidence, he said electronic voting machines will be introduced so that nobody could raise fingers on the credibility of the elections and that the results are acceptable to all.

He said it is also our effort that the Overseas Pakistanis also get their right to franchise.
Expressing apprehension over the malpractices in the recently held Senate elections, the Prime Minister asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to get briefing from the agencies as to how much money was used to purchase votes.

He clarified that his concerns on the Senate elections were not aimed at doing away with the independence of Election Commission of Pakistan.
The Prime Minister once again categorically stated that he will not give NRO to the corrupt elements even though the opposition continues its pressure tactics for the purpose.

He highlighted the importance building the nation on the principles of justice and rule of law on the pattern of the state of Madina.
Describing corruption as one of the biggest issues of the country, the Prime Minister said the entire society will have to fight against this menace to secure the future of coming generations. He underlined the need for improving moral standards of the nation to check this nuisance.
Imran Khan vowed to continue his efforts in this direction and also assured his government’s every possible assistance to the judiciary and the NAB for early conclusion of the corruption cases so that the corrupt elements are punished.
He regretted that billions of rupees were plundered by the previous rulers. He said former President Pervez Musharraf committed a mistake by giving NRO to the leadership of the PML-N and the PPP.
Referring to the performance of the government, the Prime Minister said Pakistan has achieved economic stability and reached the stage to move forward. He said the Current Account Deficit remained surplus for the five months for the first time in seventeen years. This happened regardless of the breakout of Covid-19 which adversely impacted economies around the world.
The Prime Minister said there has been a record increase in remittances. Our focus is now on bringing investment in the country and bolster exports . He said the number of companies registered with the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan indicates that people are ready to invest in the country. He, however pointed out that our biggest issue is the expansive power contracts signed in the past. He said we are working to reduce burden on the masses in this regard. He said the agreement signed with the IPPs will also help save money.

Imran Khan said the government has launched mega projects such as Ravi City, Business Center Lahore and Bundal island for the wealth creation to retire the debt. He said these projects will not only bring investments in the country but also go a long way in protecting the environment and develop cities on modern lines.
Regarding inflation, the Prime Minister said efforts are afoot to reduce the burden on the people. He said that the lower strata of society will be given subsidies in the days to come. Under Ehsaas program, direct funds will be transferred to them.
The Prime Minister said the government will soon launch a program to ensure that nobody sleeps hungry. He appreciated the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for extending health insurance to every household in the province. He said the Punjab government also targets to reach every family by the end of this year.
The Prime Minister said a mega program is also being introduced for the farmers to enhance the agri productivity. Cooperation in this regard has also been sought from China.
Imran Khan said given the immense potential Pakistan including its human resource dividend, nobody can stop the country from moving forward. He said the potential of the youth will be exploited including through their technical training.