Despite Assad’s explosive reaction to the Egyptian-Israeli bilateral agreement, his accent remained friendly throughout his meeting with Kissinger

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Second round in Damascus.. Part..
Despite Assad’s explosive reaction to the Egyptian-Israeli bilateral agreement, his accent remained friendly throughout his meeting with Kissinger. Contrary to #Sadat, #Kissinger moved to the Kindergarten Palace and was not left at the airport. But Assad did not try to hide his anger towards the Egyptian agreement. His first concern was the impact that the single Egyptian deal will have on the Syrian people, who used to trust Egypt in the past and is watching it slowly drift into the American Israeli orbit. Not only did this affect the morale of the people, but also made the cooperation between #Damascus and #Cairo in the future, if we don’t say the coalition, almost impossible.
Assad didn’t hide the fact that he said to the gentlemen that no matter how heavy the besieged third army is, he must not move towards a single agreement with #Israel. Kissinger tried to absorb Assad’s anger saying the Israeli-Egyptian agreement is good for the collective Arab Front, because it forced Israel for the first time in its history to withdraw from Arab lands.
With the completion of the disengagement agreement in #Sinai, a similar agreement can now be reached on the Syrian Golan plateau. He pledged to exert the same influence he exerted in the Egyptian talks, without going into any details. But the lion was not convinced.
Kissinger couldn’t move the Syrian president, again complaining about the pressure put on him by the Jewish lobbyist in the United States, and Democratic Senator #HenryJackson, where Kissinger blamed it for preventing serious penetration in the peace process, for this Lobby not Syria.
Kissinger claimed that whenever he and #Nixon try to take a new initiative in the Middle East, ′′ new accusations “. he of course hinted at the Watergate scandal and its repercussions that shook the Nixon administration from the work of the Jewish lobby and American supporters Israel. Kissinger also claimed that if he went too far in the relationship with Syria, a new scandal would have been knitted around him, so he is forced to proceed with the step-step policy.
From the book ′′ The Brink of the Abyss ′′ #Homeland _ Document ′′
Historic narrative of #Hafez _ Assad and Henry Kissinger’s discussions
Dr. #Bathina _ Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, p. 66

China State Council Media Office will release in the near future a report on #human rights violations in the United States in 2020, and that this #document will show the turmoil of American democracy that sparked Political chaos, ethnic mi

Bouthaina Shaaban

A political media mechanism
I was very happy when I read in 2/3/2021 that the China State Council Media Office will release in the near future a report on #human rights violations in the United States in 2020, and that this #document will show the turmoil of American democracy that sparked Political chaos, ethnic minorities experiencing racial discrimination, ongoing social unrest threatening public security, and increasing polarization between rich and poor has exacerbated social inequality. Nor will the document overlook the fact that the United States hit the wall with international norms that resulted in humanitarian disasters.
I was happy that this move represents the transition from defense to attacking, remembering the wise saying that ′′ attack is the best way of defense “; Despite the obvious difference between values and ethical standards between the US and #China, in favor of China Of course, the United States remains in the position of the attacker and prosecutor defending human rights and people’s freedom, whether in #China, Russia, #Syria, #Iran, #Venezuela or anywhere in the #world.
Also in this regard, the Chinese ambassador to Syria, Mr. Fiang Biao wrote an important article in the #Syrian _ Watan _ Newspaper entitled ′′ Framing accusations with malicious intent.. Domination that will not find an echo ′′ on 1/3/2021 to be entrusted Karith Porter and Max Blumenthal’s essay on China’s Xinjiang Province where the article proves that it is full of contradictions, reality and truth but in a polite and convincing manner and a narrative full of ancient and modern Chinese wisdom. He is right when he confirmed that the truth will remain true and that the paper will not cover the fire. Mr. #FiangBiao’s essay is full of figures that prove every phrase he writes and every judgement he releases, unlike those who press charges against China; that style full of suspicions, suspicions and suspicions.
In the same context, the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. #Sergey _ Lavrov spoke in a press conference in 3/2/2021 about the West deliberately showing some aspects of the issue and hiding the most important aspects of it that the audience does not know or does not remember, and how the media coverage For any hypocritical Russian opponents focused on police reactions, while readers and viewers do not know that western laws dealing with protesters are more cruel than Russian laws, let alone say that the outroar raised by the West in the Navalny case is originally within Interfering in the internal affairs of states which is not allowed according to international law and law.
The conclusion of the Lavrov conference deserved a prolonged quote for the purpose of the idea I’m trying to address here; Lavrov said: ′′ I understand those who want #Russia to be more assertive in its response to Western leaders. In our political and diplomatic culture we are not used to resort to impolite words, we are polite people and used to achieving our goals in a civilized and civilized way, and as we say God is not in #power but in fact, we also have a good example It is useful to remember him: Honey is sweet but the bee stings. Those who interpret our polite behaviour as a sign of weakness make a big mistake “.
All these examples see a difference in culture and ethics between East and West for the benefit of the East of course, but there is also a difference in working mechanisms, promotion, tactics and treatment that the West adopted decades ago that the #East still lacks and this is a home The poem of what I write today; the West has hundreds of research centers that do their tasks to put ideas, create controversy and create blindness so that it is not easy for the average reader to release the relief from the fat and decide which news is important and which analysis is The most important thing.
Then these centers and their tools manufactures terms and ideas and have a marketing machine that blinds the world and blinds the eyes of some, and they have their tools that are betting on them for one reason or another that automatically publishes what is exported to them On a large scale, it also deals with the news or what it wants to promote from different walks and with different pens and repeats it, while the East believes that you spoke the truth once and that the world heard it and must understand it and will act according to this understanding The media mechanisms in the West do not put weight on the truth but focus on the efficiency of the promotion of what is being presented, and if we take the example of the Chinese #Xinjiang case or the Russian #Navalny case, although both cases have been distorted in the western media Lies and illicit intervention never on internal issues, the size of the western media that dealt with these two issues is too large even compared to the Chinese and Russian media who tried to stop or refute these attacks.
We are still in #polite Eastern culture; it all depends on truth and facts while the West depends on the promo and skilled marketing of lies so it can be imprinted in the minds of recipients as if it were truth. So we find the promotion of news that confirms the dominance of the West and its so-called ′′ democracy “, This is not an important, scientific and true promotion of any document of our rights and facts emanating from our land that amounts to no doubt
For example, the International Court of Justice finally decided after decades to consider Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, and this news remains an orphan to look for while it was news in favor of Zionist circles, the media would be busy with it. Night and night and time.
Is it possible that news of such importance after half a century of heinous crimes and commits against an entire people who don’t fast the world’s ears for its importance and marketing the Palestinian right through it?!
What we have to focus on today if in China, Russia, Palestine, Syria, Iran and Venezuela are the media and political action mechanisms, the importance of research centers, the importance of formulating and making news by us, and the transition also to attack, not to base Polite methods of defense, in this regard, that what is going on in the West should be put under a microscope and that revealing lights on Western and Zionist racism that continues to practice the ugliest types of racism against indigenous people everywhere. Is it possible that the United States is concerned with the security of ′′ Israel ′′ in the region without rising voices deafening its ears from the importance of all Arabs and that whoever tries to achieve the security of ′′ Israel ′′ must see the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples and achieve Security is for them, otherwise there is no security for an aggressor, an occupier and a terrorist at the expense of the security and destiny of others.
There is a great thinking and action volume on the media and politically level, and I am glad that China has started and we must cooperate and join together and continue on this path until the current equation turns over and becomes the prevailing of right and facts in media and politics.

I thoroughly followed President Joe Biden’s speech and tried to understand the trends of the new U.S. administration and what is expected of it

Bouthaina Shaaban

Speech Chapter: Cold War
I thoroughly followed President Joe Biden’s speech and tried to understand the trends of the new U.S. administration and what is expected of it in the #near-to-average future. After trying to interpret his messages to #Europe and #NATO, which all reformed transatlantic relations from the damage that #Trump did to her, trying to restore the impact of the United States by collaborating with #Allies and Any aggression against a nation in NATO is an aggression against all the alliance countries and in this context we understand the reasons for its return to the #Paris climate agreement.
Afterwards, I was amazed at his warning against returning to the ′′ cold war conglomerates ′′ especially since his response to what the allies wanted was in line with an inappropriate attack on #Russia, a strong warning to China and a promise to act against both. It is not hidden from anyone that the two topics are closely interrelated and that the restoration of transatlantic relations and the strengthening of trust and work with NATO and Western countries aims first to re-formulate the western bloc in a way that enables it to stand up to relations between Russia and Europe and Meeting the economic challenge with #China. The cover of all these challenges is the claim that this western bloc is the patron of democracy and human rights in the world and that other systems are corrupted and its people’s eagerness to join the western democratic countries. The most important phrase Biden said in this area is that ′′ the United States will play its part in the alliance and we will face challenges together “.
Even in #Iran, talks with Europe over the agreement have put a first step towards lifting sanctions; i.e. bringing the meat back to the European American decision on this matter and restoring the one American administration. But the point of view against Iran is that the agreement is not everything that concerns Biden, but Iran’s activities in the region; while he called for negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, it was more decisive about Iran’s presence in the region, he said: ′′ On us Work to reduce its activities in the area “.
The essence of saying is that Biden allowed himself to express what no one expressed in Russia; a day after the statement of the Russian Foreign Minister #SergeiLavrov that Russia wants good relations with Europe accused Biden of being the Russian President, #Putin, of accusing Seeks to confront the European system.
The main goal of this speech is to bring Europe and Atlantic alliance back to the umbrella of the American decision and to contain all people to return the concept of the international family which means ′′ the West ′′ exclusively and justify confronting, holding accountable or punishing anyone who does not believe in this western democracy and does not seek He is the same in his country where this country is and no matter how different its nature, history, culture and identity is from western systems. i.e. Biden preaches lean years and tries to thread transatlantic not to spread #justice and #peace in the world but to restore the grip of western domination of international decision and convince the world that whoever walks with us is safe and who He didn’t walk with us because his fate is disappointment and failure. What does this mean for countries waiting for the new American administration to learn how this change will affect their destiny and future orientations? And what does this speech mean for our region that is attracted by the winds of decisions coming from the north and across the Atlantic without being effective in its decision-making and creating its conglomerate that gives it strength and balance on the regional and international arena?
Biden has spoken his meaning of tying up Atlantic alliance and rehabilitating relations with Europe, likely to return American decision and American power, even to Europe and the international arena, which means that other countries should think similarly about elements. Her strength, respect for sovereignty, independence, owning internal power factors and historical or close allies.
There is no change in the approach in the United States regarding its relationship with the countries of our region, and this is very expected; the real change in the fate of the people must be made by these same peoples, so they work to immunize themselves internally and study lines. Its regional and international carefully and precisely so that these lines and alliances are an additional force and guarantee in the face of challenges.
Here, in light of the evident trends on the international scene that predict the beginning of a cold war between the West on the one hand and China and Russia, on the other hand, I would like to see what is being taken into a hint or statement by some people lately and Those who see in the footsteps of the printers solve their life or life problems and these whispers have increased recently, and if I feel they don’t deserve a response, but I will say to all those if you think this is your choice, you are very important for reasons Several:
Firstly, because you must look around and consider the fate of the countries that printed with the Israeli enemy for decades and remember the situation that was before and the situation that became after, and secondly because the West and its mister #Israel do not even accept other countries Under their umbrella, they consider one of their main tasks to re-form printed countries according to the interests of their countries, and also remember all the claims and sayings they promoted before the war on #Iraq and that Iraq will be the example that all Eastern countries will seek to say. After the tanks and American planes landed him carrying the salvation program for Iraq and Iraqis, they brought communal war and divided Iraq.
Those who wait for salvation to come from outside the borders of their country will come salvation that suits the owners of these solutions, their agenda, greed, and their plans to loot our wealth, history, and aggravation of our suffering. Even the African countries that were rich in gold mines extracted their gold and emptied their mines and left them in poverty and epidemics returning with all their wealth to the reconstruction of their countries.
What Biden said should read that the next stage is the conglomerate and axis stage and that the U.S.’s priority is to bring power and life back to Atlantic alliance and trans-ocean cooperation against rising global powers, the most important is Russia and China. The only lesson that should be learned from this speech is how we strengthen our own powers, work with our allies, and form a regional conglomerate that expresses our priorities and finds a place in the region and the world to be counted and not underestimated by any of its members. Also in this context, you must commit to wisdom, those sceptical voices of the need to work with allies at all levels, and beware of the fifth queue that spreads the calls for normalization and questioning the importance of alliance with Russia, Iran and China for a better future for us For our future generations.
Biden’s message to us who are eager for our home countries is how to enhance the independence of these homes and discover the best ways to sustainable relations with allies and friends who share with us the faith in the values of justice, love, peace and equality of dignity between all human beings and all countries Young and big.
The West Savior will not come on a white horse and the colonizer will not change his history and his racist and superior view of us, and we are the only ones who can teach him a true lesson about our ability to shine, achieve, and fly in the sky of excellence based on the safety, sovereignty of homelands and prosperity It’s her

Assad and Anwar #Sadat were best friends. It was the first two men meeting during the Syrian Egyptian

Bouthaina Shaaban

Egypt drift away..
Once upon a time, Hafez Al-Assad and Anwar #Sadat were best friends. It was the first two men meeting during the Syrian Egyptian unit that did not live long in the late s. Although Assad is ten years younger, Assad admired this Egyptian military leader who turned to a politician for initially commitment to Arab nationalism and his unwavering devotion to President Jamal Abdel Nasser.
When Sadat was a junior officer during World War II secretly worked with the Germans against British occupiers in Egypt, two officers were killed and he went to prison for his work, something the lion truly loved about. It was Sadat who announced to the world the success of the free officers revolution, which overthrew King Farouk and captured the minds and hearts of Syrians, including Assad, in 1952.
Sadat’s first disappointment came in September 1961, when Syrian military officers overthrew the unity regime in Damascus; Sadat accepts a negative separation as a harsh reality, and did not move a finger to defend the unit. As for the lion, he was seen as the biggest disaster of his life, only the six-day war in 1967.
The difference in the two characters from the first moment after the breakup was observed. Sadat’s tendency to ′′ Egypt First ′′ policy is emerging and that policy has become the distinctive characteristic of his presidency. Meanwhile Assad immediately started holding secret meetings with members of the Baathist movement and secret Nasiriyah, to discuss how to return the United Arab Republic.
Assad was firmly convinced that had the separation not occurred in 1961, the Arabs would not have been defeated in 1967, and Israel would not have won the #Golan plateau.
Anwar Sadat and Al-Assad’s keeper took over power in Egypt and #Syria with a time break less than one month between them, in late 1970 Sadat Jamal Abdel Nasser succeeded in October and Assad made his corrective move in November.
Just ten days after Assad took over power, he left Damascus, not heading to Aleppo or Latakia, but to #Cairo, the former capital of the United Arab Republic. There is a lengthy meeting with the gentlemen and the two men decided to work side by side and hand.
Foundations of a new #unit swinging with the young Libyan leader #Muammar _ Gaddafi. It seems that Assad was fully confident in his Egyptian counterpart and that the respect and trust were mutual. Before and during the October War, Sadat effectively put a framed picture of Al-Assad’s Governor behind his office in Cairo, and he presented it before during his interviews with #Arab and Western journalists.
The October war failed to restore occupied territories, but this increased the Assad’s design. Yet the war left Sadat on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the third Egyptian army was surrounded, and the city of #Suez was completely besieged by Israelis.
Sadat was eager to follow the political line to save his troops and to achieve one of the goals of waging war, the goal is to complete the transition once and for all to the American range. He spent the entire war period in mutual contacts with Henry #Kissinger.
When the defender was silent, Sadat sent his Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmy to the American capital on October 28 The next day direct negotiations started between Egyptian and Israeli officers, headed by the Chief of Operations of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Marshal Mohamed Al-Jamsi, and Israeli General Aaron Yarif, at the 101 km point on Suez Cairo Road on Egyptian territory. On October 31, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meyer launched to Washington, D.C.
From the book ′′ The Brink of the Abyss ′′ #Homeland _ Document ′′
Historic novel of #Hafez _ Assad and Henry Kissinger’s discussions
Dr. #Bathina _ Shaaban, special advisor to the presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic